Check Out Over 30 Minutes of DriveClub Gameplay Footage, Showcases Menu, Car List, Customization

As expected, the gameplay video gives us a glimpse of what to expect from Evolution Studio's racer. The video takes an in-depth look at the menu system, the various customization options available and the car roster. The video also takes a look at that club system and the progression screen.

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WeAreLegion1496d ago

Wow. I didn't know Rachel Dratch worked at Evolution.

WeAreLegion1496d ago

Watch the video. That woman looks like Rachel Dratch.

bleedsoe9mm1496d ago

is the snow coming the same time as the rain patch ?

ABizzel11496d ago


Never before I have I been graphically mesmerized by a game. This game is absolutely beautiful and is easily the shoe in for Best Graphics and Best Technology.

It's in an extremely tough Year for Best Racing game with Forza Horizon 2, Project Cars, The Crew, and Mario Kart all vying for the same crown. Looking at that list of 5 games proves this is easily one of the best years for racing games EVER.

waltyftm1496d ago

Stunning, easily the best looking racer on consoles to date, cant wait to see what Evolution does next.

aerisbueller1496d ago

It does look awesome.

I hope their next game is more along the lines of Motorstorm, though. Not exactly like that, but I've always love fantasy driving games like that or Wipeout much more than standard realistic racers. They usually don't get this obsessive level of detail like this though, so it'd be interesting to see impossible vehicles with realistic detail.

GUTZnPAPERCUTZ1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

I don't think it looks better than Forza Horizon 2 in some aspects. I think the Environment Detail and Weather effects looks better, but the glare off of the taillights would not look like that if the sun hit them, it would go through the lens to the reflector instead of the "Matte white Glare" that it shows in this video, like it hit a solid matte color instead of an Acrylic lens.
Also, The Atmosphere in FH2 seems much more realistic with the fog, god rays, particles and humidity in the air after it rains. You can easily tell the trees in DC have the "2D Swivel" effect on most of them as you pass by. The color palette in DC is lacking the contrast ratio when compared to FH2 as well, at times (especially during day) looking almost cartoonish. Car Detail is better in FH2 obviously not saying DC looks bad at all, just Forza runs a higher poly count.
DC uses a LOT of Filters like static and noise filters to give it a grainier look as well as the motion blur filter, which is a cool tool to use and I have not seen that in a racing game yet. DC looks really good sometimes when I watch videos of the rain and snow gameplay, but everything else just does not compliment those attributes that strive with this game where I feel FH2 is better "Balanced" visually across the whole... Horizon (spectrum ;) of the game. just my 2 cents.

MRMagoo1231496d ago

Well what you think and what the majority of the world will/do think is completely different. Funny how you say DC can look cartoonish yet that is how forza looks all the time with its plastic cars in child friendly colours.

3-4-51496d ago


What are " Child Friendly Colors " ?

The Human eye can see over 5 million colors.

They are for ALL PEOPLE.....

Kayant1496d ago

So basically a bunch of stuff without receipts to back it up.

GameDev11496d ago

You know why the colour of Forza feels more balanced?!

That is because it actually looks more animation cartoonish than realistic, FH2 looks very bright across the board and that is not unrealistic, there should be some dimming and different balances realistically

Driveclub just more realism to it than Forza, just look at the surroundings of Drive club and the weather effects

llxKonanxll1496d ago

The only thing FH2 has over DC is a very colorful pallet and a cartoonish look to it. DC wipes the floor with FH2. Truth.

gootimes1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )


FH2 is going for colorful and no realism, it's just how it is. DC is going for photo realism, and succeeding. You seriously gotta give credit where it is due or you end up looking extremely Xbox homer-ish.

DC just plain destroys it, in every regard, no contest...

oasdada1496d ago

take off ur fanboy goggles and see its actually the opposite of what u say

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slasaru011496d ago

And the most boring racer as well.

ABizzel11496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Project Gotham was a premier racer for the Xbox and early 360 at one time. The majority of their team is at Evolution making DriveClub now. Don't be salty.

It's amazing the amount of hate this game is getting from you trolls, yet when I go to the Forza Horizon 2 videos, there's not a single bad comment about it, because when a game looks good, fun, and enjoyable there's nothing you can hate about it. Yet here you come to troll a game you haven't played the latest build of, whereas everyone who has says it plays great and is a more social and "Evolution" of Project Gotham. Again stop being salty and just congratulate on a job well done.

Ka7be1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Exactly. Driveclub is the best looking racing game to date!

The weather, effects sound engines, the sense of speed everything is top notch! For a moment i thought i was watching real life racing!

lfc_4eva1496d ago

Best looking racer on consoles to date?

Are you taking comedy classes my friend?

Also, that frame rate looks painful. Hope they can improve this because that is simply not good enough.

MRMagoo1231496d ago

Does making things up make you feel better ? name one racing game on console that looks better than this, I am not gonna wait for a reply because there is none, you may prefer xbone but that doesnt change the fact this game looks better than all other racing games on console.

elsuperamigo1496d ago

Sorry guys i love ps brand and maybe is cuz i dont like racing games but this game looks so boring like watching a nascar race (they just go im circles over and over again) i was going to give it a try and i was hoping this game made me a racing games fan but i pass

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ps4fanboy1496d ago

Wow....seriously going to be putting time down on this game.

shloobmm31496d ago

Nothing in that video equates to "best looking racer on consoles to date". I'm waiting for the ps+ version to hit before I make a decision about the game.

Genuine-User1496d ago

In comparison to what exactly?

Scatpants1496d ago

Really? What would you say is the best looking, Forza? Check out that snow footage Kayant posted, it looks awesome even off screen.

GameDev11496d ago

I suggest you up the res of that youtube video or throw away the device you are using to watch it

Cause any side by side comparison with other racing games will show you it is of the highest quality visual fidelity wise to any other racing game out this gen

I still need to try out the gameplay for myself

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