Kane's Wrath made easier for Xbox gamers

Videogamer writes: "The idea is to ensure gamers can play through the campaign and not be frustrated.

Speaking to Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath associate producer Jim Vessella has revealed that they reduced the difficulty level of the Xbox 360 game in order to make it more fun for console gamers.

"...we've also tried to tune our difficulty so it's not so hard for console players," explained Vessella. 'We still have different difficulty modes in the game, like easy, medium and hard for people who want to give themselves a big challenge, but we really wanted to make that average difficulty for the campaign a bit lower down so we can really get players to go through the story, play Command & Conquer and not be frustrated as they try and play the game.'"

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nice_cuppa4637d ago

as long as hard is still hard !

remember the only mode made easier is the medium setting !

predator4637d ago

i actualy liked the first outing on 360 and will sure to pick this up two