Destiny Vs Halo

After a couple of hours playing Mark Barlow of Gamer Attitude noticed a few similarities with Destiny and the first Halo

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Kevlar0091544d ago

I remember seeing the early Destiny trailers and thought "this is definitely a Bungie game". The character movement was a huge tell it was a Bungie game since it was eerily similar to Halo.

user3672721544d ago

Lmao..the only exciting thing in Destiny was finding the easter egg head of Master Chief. I'll leave it at that.

BallsEye1544d ago

Destiny is awesome game, having lots of fun it in but it's nowhere near Halo. Just can't wait what 343 will bring with halo 5. Halo 4 on 360 looks better than Destiny on next-gen at times (and sounds even more amazing). Anyway...back to playing Destiny ;]!

doomtrain1544d ago

maybe on your xbox it does ;)

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