APB Dev: MMOs Don't Have to Look Worse than 1P Games

MMOs can look just as good as any single-player titles, according to Realtime World's Colin Mcdonald.

During a presentation at the GameHorizon conference in Newcastle in which he demonstrated APB's character customisation system, the studio manager said he was disappointed that gamers often assume MMOs won't look as good as single-player games.

"There's a misconception among MMOs that they don't need to look as good as other games," Mcdonald said.

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Baba19063772d ago

i dont know. would becool. Age of Conan looks pretty impressiv but it will never reach games like MGS4, Crysis or anyting like that.

dachiefsman3771d ago

never really. I don't see how someone living in this age could say "never".