NBA 2K15 MyPLAYER - How to Face Scan Yourself into the Game

In NBA 2K15, we’re introducing our brand new face scan feature to put yourself in the game like never before. Available for the PS4 and Xbox One, this technology doesn’t just match what looks like you, but maps your entire face into small points and creates your features and look. Your time has come to scan. Watch the official video from 2K Sports to learn how it works.

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C-H-E-F1587d ago

This was in the Sony basketball game... NBA 06 I believe.
But nice to see 2k using the PS CAM YES YES YES....

poppinslops1587d ago

Every game with character creation should have this...

hazelamy1586d ago

bet it won't be more than five minutes before people start scanning their junk.
you know what i mean by junk right?

GothamReturns1586d ago

Looks alot like ashraf barhom from tryant LOL