A Beginner's Guide To Bungie's Destiny

"Destiny is Bungie's latest offerings to the FPS genre and unless you have been living in a cave these past few months it would've been hard to miss the massive PR campaign and controversial media reviews that followed this past week.

Moving beyond the opinion pieces and reviews, we aim is to get down to the nitty gritty of the FPSMMORPG with detailed instructions, tips, secrets and guides on what to do in Bungie's massive online social adventure."

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Frankskint1545d ago

Good to see people aren't letting reviews phase them from this game. I honestly feel like its been growing more and more on me these last couple of days of playing.

danniellelewis1545d ago

i have been having a blast on this to care what industry has to say about it at this point. Guides and tips are always welcomed to stay ahead of the competition.

ArronNelson1545d ago

I just read it sold 325 million in the first five days, I would think no one is swayed by reviews at this point.

charliewong9801545d ago

This game has received so many poor reviews and yet the hype train keeps pushing on.

All I can say is wow

patelsanjeed1545d ago

Bungie 1

Game Review sites 0

ScottyHoss1544d ago

-no review copy (good thing in my opinion, we always see rampant corruption in journalism)
-awesome game, well made
-continued support and events
-most successful IP to date
-great community

Bungie 5

Corrupt, pissed off reviewers 0

brettjones4941545d ago

Oh goodie, I know I need all the tips I can source.

Diidn't they say it made $500 million?

Sayburr1545d ago

re: Diidn't they say it made $500 million?

They said it shipped $500 worth of games to retail. Now we are getting word on how many of those were "sold through".

janetmarrett111545d ago

Despite popular opinions this game is by far the most fun I have had on my ps4. this will tie me over until December for sure.

edwardhuff6631545d ago

325 million divided by an average of 60 dollars, comes up to a hell lot of people proving reviewers don't have a clue when a great game smacks them in the face.

EdnaJones971545d ago

Thats true but the real test will really be this week now that most reviews are out. It will be interesting to see if sales have slumped or increased.

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