The Escapist: Hyrule Warriors Review

Jim Sterling - Hyrule Warriors is still one of those games I'm having trouble comprehending the existence of, despite sinking a ridiculous number of hours into it. In truth, a Dynasty Warriors spin-off featuring The Legend of Zelda shouldn't be that surprising - Nintendo and Koei have always been good friends, and there have been mutterings of a crossover for quite some time. Even so, I never would have expected to see two personally beloved games come together like this.

Even better, the marriage between Nintendo's classic action-adventure series and Tecmo Koei's button-mashing hack n' slash powerhouse is almost everything I could have wanted it to be. Outside of some minor inconveniences and conceptual limitations, Omega Force has put together something truly delectable - even if those who dislike the core Dynasty Warriors games will find very little to get excited about.

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jcnba281496d ago

Another great review from Jim Sterling.

Metallox1496d ago

Just because it gave to the game a 9?

GuruStarr781496d ago

Sterling LOVES DW games... this has got to be like porn to him...

deafdani1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I don't always agree with Sterling's reviews because sometimes I think he can be way too harsh (looking at you, Mario Kart 7 review), but I highly respect him as a reviewer all the same and I always find his reviews to be fairly accurate and entertaining to read.

I wish more people had his knack for writing, but hey... that's just my opinion.

N4g_null1496d ago

Ah man another 4 lol. Where are the trolls! I know just kidding.