Crystal Dynamics on PS4 and Xbox One: We love what we can do with these boxes

In speaking with the Executive Producer for Crystal Dynamics, the developer behind the upcoming Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Scot Amos shares his thoughts on developing for these new systems.

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core_51496d ago

Then do Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4

vishmarx1496d ago

We love what we can do with these boxes
apparently not.
you just love plain hard cash

theshonen88991495d ago

We love what we can do with these boxes. We love it so much were just gonna do it on one box. Xbox.

ABizzel11495d ago

Honestly it's best for them to simply not say anything until after Rise of the Tomb Raider comes out, and the whole fiasco is over.

Imalwaysright1495d ago

As all developers do but it wasn't their decision to make TR timed exclusive.

DevilOgreFish1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

lol at gamers defending all of their 3rd party exclusives in other threads, while at the same time wanting 3rd party developers to stop making theses stupid deals.

I agree 3rd party exclusivity is lame, yet everyone still contributes to it in many other threads.

Mikefizzled1495d ago

A business is a business but we as gamers tend to treat them like friends but they aren't. If you ran an expensive business and you was offered a truck load of cash to take you product somewhere first would you honestly turn it down?

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GamerRetro1495d ago

Not going to happen it has a duration with MS for one year to possibly 3 years buy a Xbox One or play it on Xbox 360 get over it

Bathyj1495d ago

3 years? You can possibly believe that. It will a year max, or never.

ShiranaiJittai1495d ago

No one signs a temporary exclusivity deal for 3 years. No one.

The smallest exclusive deal a company signs is a week the longest is usually about a year.

Now sometimes the deal states a game can't even start development until that time sometimes it states it can't release until that time. You will not see any company sign a temporary deal for 3 years that is just stupid.

The average is about a month to a year.

I would say we are looking at 6 months give or take a month earlier or later.

Antifan1495d ago

Then RIP tomb raider, because there's no way this would make me buy the Bone.

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LostDjinn1496d ago

Don't worry CD. Gamers are going to show you just how much they "love" how you've treated the owners of different consoles. So enjoy the sales reaction from them.

You've earned it.

stuna11496d ago

^^^This! Which is exactly why they felt a need to come forward with a statement as such. See that's the thing when you realize that you've made a bad calll in a decision you've made, the longer you wait to rectify it, the more you tend to minimize the value of others connected to or involved in you making that bad call or, decision.

ScorpiusX1495d ago

Please most complaining will be playing Uncharted 4 to even bother with TR or even care it's out.

FlameHawk1495d ago

Nope, I'm sure Tomb Raider release date will coincide with Uncharted 4, that is the reason Microsoft bought it. So it will be probably Q1 2016 or way after Uncharted 4 and when it comes out I will not buy it.

LostDjinn1495d ago

"Please most complaining will be playing Uncharted 4 to even bother with TR or even care it's out." - Wow! That's a mighty wide brush you paint with. Did TR sell bbetter on Sony platforms? Why use such generalizations in...oh wait. I looked at your history. You're using hyperbole as a form of damage control.

I await your edit.

ScorpiusX1495d ago

@lLostDjinn no need to edit the truth, as to why it sold better cause their was no uncharted available at the time.

the_dark_one1495d ago

well pc is being excluded aswell and they dont have uncharted

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Thatguy-3101495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I'll play it but this is when buying pre-owned games come in handy.

Bathyj1495d ago

Thats my plan too. i rarely buy 2nd hand games, if I want it, I get it day one, but this is one Im going to purchase used.

FullmetalRoyale1495d ago

Precisely. I will not deprive myself of a great gameplay experience. However, I will not be giving them my hard earned money.

I support devs and have decided, this generation, to only but used when a developer does something which I do not want to support. Otherwise it is not worth saving a few dollars, while taking away money from the devs.

1495d ago
TongkatAli1495d ago

I can't wait to play this on my Xone, this is a timed exclusive so enough with the hate, it's going to come to the PS4.

Too bad the Wii U CPU is trash to handle this game.

Bathyj1495d ago

That hasnt been announced yet, and even if it does, will they charge full price for the privilege of playing a game 6-12 months after Xbone owners have got it?

I played every Tombraider game with a Dual Shock in my hands, now I cant. The hate is warranted.

x_RadicalAura_x1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Correction: "We love what we can do with this green, free money, cash-handing-out Xbox One box."

**** off, CD. I love what Naughty Dog can do better with their "box" anyways.

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