Playful Corp.: 'Oculus is relentless in their pursuit of perfection'

VRFocus - It’s no secret that Playful Corp. has been working very closely with Oculus VR to develop their debut virtual reality (VR) videogame, Lucky’s Tale. Being on the forefront of this new wave of technology must surely be as intimidating as it is exciting, and while Playful Corp.’s Paul Bettner is never short of compliments for Palmer Luckey and John Carmack, it’s the company’s ambition as a whole that impresses him the most.

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SteamPowered1492d ago

Feel free to release the Rift anytime now...

jujubee881492d ago

The OR and Facebook people all want to collect your private data ASAP!! Don't worry, it will be out for all the lemmings to strap onto their face soon enough. xD

TardcoreGamer1492d ago

VR can not be released to the public much the same half-baked way motion controls were.

It has to be absolutely as flawless as possible before the consumer version launches.

Challenges like input devices, movement to photon latency reduction(lag), judder, screen door effect(low resolution), increased frame-rate and proper software execution need to be solved first.

Clover9041492d ago

I have no doubt that the Oculus team will nail down the right resolution and lag, but I'm very interested in seeing their idea of a VR input device.