Alien: Isolation Survivor Mode Screenshots

There are three new screenshots for Alien: Isolation’s Survivor mode to give players an idea of the moody atmosphere.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1495d ago

Game looks fantastic. Wonder what system these are from? Guessing PC.

FrogSpork1495d ago

I so hope this game surpasses the last. Alien deserves its own properly made game, it always has.

TenBensons1495d ago

I have a feeling AI is going to be good but will have some really frustrating things wrong with it.

Allsystemgamer1494d ago

well apparently the Alien gets you 90 percent of the time when it sees you

RevXM1494d ago

It is a matter of adapting to the game and ofc how easy the alien can spot you, and from what I've seen its not too unforgiving. There is a clip where a player is hiding under a desk and the alien is right there and you can see its face but it didn't see the player so go figure.
It might see you if its head on looking your way.

Needless to say the game has various levels of difficulty so it shouldn't be a big issue, since this game seems so fresh Id try it on MEDIUM or EASY first run through.

When the alien see's you then you are screwed, you might be able to hide if it see's you from a distance and I think I've heard you can push it back or scare it off for a moment with a flamethrower but it will eventually not care about the flames or something so you can't keep pushing it back for long. I also imagine that the flamethrower has limited ammo and no weapon can kill it, possibly weapons can stun it or scare it off but it'll be back in a flash.

snowbearder1495d ago

Screen shots look sick, hopefully the gameplay is just as good

MGRogue20171494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

If anyone's interested.. GameFront uploaded a bunch of footage of the 'Survivor' mode in action earlier..


Looks fun.