The Order: 1886 Proves That Visuals Don’t Necessarily Make A Good Game - Gamer Headlines

Gamer Headlines had the chance to try out a demo for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886, earlier this week. As you can probably tell from the title of this preview, it wasn't all that impressing.

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Future_20152467d ago

its just a showpiece really, all the previews point it at a generic 3rd person shooter with nice graphics

98xpresent2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Some gamers might like games like that

xHeavYx2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

These people make that assumption from the demo? This is not clickbait, is it?

morganfell2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

^^^Yes, yes it is. I do not take advice from media outlets, but if I must glance at any comments regarding The Order, the piece at Joystiq was far better written and with a modicum of insight and acumen.

"The Order: 1886 Proves That Visuals Don’t Necessarily Make A Good Game - Gamer Headlines"

And this article proves that access to the internet and a website do not make you a writer of any skill or worth.

Gazondaily2467d ago

People have been on The Order's case from the start it seems and all based on a very brief hands-on with it.

What The Order proves is that a brief hands on with a TINY segment of the game is not indicative of the final experience of the game in its entirety.

The criticisms here are way too premature in my opinion, especially considering what the devs have repeatedly stated regarding the segments that have been made available to the public.

Volkama2467d ago

I liked Ryse, and you could certainly call that shallow.

I'm not ready to call The Order shallow yet, but from what I have seen I think I will enjoy it. So long as it isn't too heavy on the survival horror stuff they showed (that wasn't really my bag, but the rest seems to be).

Would rather not have the black borders though.

LordMaim2467d ago

I'm waiting to see what a reviewer with a full copy of the game thinks rather than a blogger playing a six month old demo at a public event. He's not exactly up to date on the game's current state.

Dirtnapstor2467d ago

Yep, if that wasn't the case, all the genres would be in trouble. As long as the mechanics work well, I'm good. Who cares if "it's generic gameplay"? I like innovation yes, but the real meat is story driven content. My reason for playing will not be for gameplay mechanics.

thekhurg2467d ago

This game is going to get shit on worse than Titanfall, Destiny, Ryse, Killzone and every other high profile game released this generation.

Then people will move to the next big exclusive.

This entire generation has been backwards from previous regarding what people and reviewers are happy with.

BattleAxe2467d ago

I'm not sure why people would take offense to the headline of the article. Crytek gets bashed for this all the time, and yet nobody defends them.

badz1492467d ago

@gamerheadlines @future_2015

Have you guys played the full game? No? Have anybody ever? No, right? so STFU!

NewMonday2467d ago

actually most previews are postive, wher do you get the "all the previews" from?..

"wasn’t sure what to expect from Ready at Dawn’s inaugural PS4 title, but I walked away wanting not only to play more, but to know more about this alternate history London"

"After spending some hands-on time with The Order: 1886 on the E3 showfloor, my search is finally over. The Order: 1886 is the reason you should have a PS4."

"Shooter fans with a PS4 may want to keep their eyes on this one when it launches on February 20, 2015, because it’s definitely going to be something special."

"The Order feels like it’s going to be one of those titles that stick for me a while after I play it, despite my technical criticisms of it earlier"

"while the gameplay may not be revolutionary, it’s still very precise and enjoyable"

"I really enjoyed playing this demo, and I can’t wait to see more as I anxiously wait for its release"

"I had heard The Order: 1886 described as Gears of War in the 19th century. After playing a very short section of the game I can see how this comparison is apt. The question is, is that a bad thing? Gears of War is a great series, so if this copies its gameplay a little bit, while putting it into a unique setting, and creating some amazing visuals, I say go for it"

"The demo was an absolute blast to play, although I wish I could’ve used more of the weapons Ready at Dawn has shown for it, but it is hands down my game of E3 2014"

"If you're not yet excited about Sony's first-party PS4 exclusive, you should be"

" I'm leaving E3 more interested in The Order than I was when I came in."

starchild2467d ago

Yes, true, but people that say they like games like Ryse are apparently not allowed to think that. All the fanboys just say that it sucks and that's it. A lot of double standards at play on all sides.

Personally, I think I will enjoy The Order 1886 even if it has fairly by-the-books gameplay. The quality of the graphics and, hopefully, the storytelling are enough to keep me moving through the game as long as the gameplay isn't broken or unenjoyable.

Visiblemarc2467d ago


...based on playing...their games...

This game is getting full on reviewed based on tradeshow impressions.

This is insane.

gangsta_red2467d ago

All this defense. Funny how some reviewers and gamers had the same hands on experiences with Destiny and it turned out to be just as true. The game just wasn't what it was expected to be.

So far some people are just not impressed with the actual gameplay of The Order. The graphics are outstanding but once again graphics does not make a game good. Which is why I laughed when the whole 1080p saga was happening on this site.

And yes, they played a demo but let's be honest what else is there going to be in terms of gameplay besides shoot, duck and cover, shoot, QTE, repeat? Driving, FPS, RTS levels? Doubt it.

Will the game when released be horrible? I don't know, but let's not start jumping down everyone's throat who has a less than awesome opinion of a Sony game.

@ NewMonday, all those links you provided could those guys have been paid off by Sony to say those good reviews like you always claim MS pays off sites? Naaaw, that excuse doesn't apply anymore. Your double standard is hilarious, did you list and link the good reviews when Titanfall was being paraded? Nope.

Clogmaster2467d ago

Videogame "journalism" these days is almost equivalent to someone's long-winded opinion from a comment section on a videogame site.

BitbyDeath2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Exactly both gears and uncharted sold alright for being generic 3rd person shooters, albeit one with a bit of platforming

MrPink20132467d ago

I think this game will once again be delayed. Sony cannot afford the game to be a non hit. So they will take more time trying to fix some of the issues being mentioned but I think it will always remain a corridor shooter and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

badz1492467d ago

why is Ryse even mentioned here? are you guys seriously comparing a retail game already released and soon will jump ship to the pc which everybody has the access to since last year to a game not to be released for another 5 months and is apparently being judged by an old demo?

that's so very fair! /s

Dee_912467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

It seems like he generally sucked at the game but in my opinion he had some valid concerns. I know its early in both the current gen and with this game, but I don't want games with pretty graphics and crap gameplay..

I don't think most of you even read the article.. he didn't watch a gameplay video.. he played it.

BG115792467d ago

Was Ryse so bad that they forgot it had already proven that?
I don't know about 1886, but I wait to see it for myself. Lately there is a lot of previews that are made without the full experience of the game and that end up being wrong.

NewMonday2467d ago


first you claim that most previews are bad then when I provide proof you are wrong, you shift to denial.

now the biased hate is getting obvious, thanks for making that clear for everyone to see, gamers are waking up to your type, just because things didn't go your why this new generation you go vehemently spread FUD and hate.

gootimes2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )


Funny how you feel the need to damage control Newmonday's post.

You really hate the fact that MANY journalists love this game... I love how salty people get over it.

And all the fanboys that troll everything Drive Club and The Order. It screams of insecure. Just get a PS4 already so you can play the games you're so obviously obsessed with.

Edito2467d ago

For sure... im more interested in the plot than anything else...

troylazlow2466d ago

I played a demo of this at the Toronto Fan Expo. It is VERY pretty, but from what I played I have to agree with this article. it's nothing groundbreaking new. The game is fun and you will have fun with it, just don't expect "game of the year"

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DarkOcelet2467d ago

Oh my god . Give it a rest already . We saw 8 minutes of gameplay and we judge the whole product ? Story wise it could be excellent and in terms gameplay even if does nothing new doesnt mean it's geniric and you cant judge a game from 8 minutes of gameplay that you or me never played , it might have great setpieces just like Unhcarted and backed up with a good story and that alone is enough for me . I believe this is getting so much hate because it doesnt have a multiplayer mode that people think it must be needed so a game can be good and Tomb Raider had a bad multiplayer that everyone wished it's resources should have been used for single player but it seems they think it adds to the longetivity of the game but it was barely touched because it sucked .

theshonen88992467d ago

Unfortunately if it had good set pieces or good anything they'd show it in the trailer or demo, like Uncharted 2's falling building or Uncharted 3's sinking ship. I really wanted The Order to turn it well (especially since I loved the studio's GoW games) but so far it looks like a shooter version of Ryse. I desperately hope they prove me wrong.

OB1Biker2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

its getting so much hate because its an easy target and people feel 'safe' bashing it just like its fashionable to shoot Destiny right now, but the difference is they dont even have the full game and make assumptions on a few minutes demo

nix2467d ago

Bloodborne on the other hand was well received probably because it is strictly a "hardcore" game. No one screws with hardcore gamers. q:

methegreatone2467d ago

Yes, the title is kind of click bait.

However its funny when I see everyone saying this.
"Its just a demo its just an 8 minute demo" So what ? It is what Ready At Dawn decided to showcase for their game. The author obviously says multiple times that this is not representative of the final product. At the end of the day, though, the demo was boring ! It's that simple. Ofcourse, that gives cause for concern ! Why wouldn't it ? Or right, it's just a small part of the game... right... I forgot.

How does it matter ? The gameplay was not fun for the author. That's just how it was, which, by the way, means that he probably won't like the basic gunplay in the full game either. If the gunplay isn't good, the gunplay isn't good.
Yes, it may excel in other aspects and that's great !
(Personally,I find the shooting really nice from gameplay videos, apart from the fact that shooting with a controller is never immersive for me...)

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stuna12467d ago

Just like your opinionated view asto the merits of The Order, the selfsame opinions can be applied to any game ever made! And as many should note, opinions tend to vary.

Visiblemarc2467d ago

You know what? I'm going to reserve my opinion.

I was hyped for Wolfenstein and almost every preview made me question that. They almost all said it was boring and frustrating.

Flash forward a few months and it turns out Wolfenstein was absolutely incredible.

So, we'll see. Still buying it, personally.

methegreatone2467d ago

Really (Wolfenstein)? those were only the super early previews at the previous year's E3. Later on, I read so much positive news on it. Couple that with those kickass trailers and I was certain the game was going to be great.
The Order should be good overall though. The best thing to do is what you said - just wait and see how it turns out.

lemoncake2467d ago

From what we have seen so far i would agree, either they are terrible at marketing and have chosen the worst parts to demonstrate or it really is just a case of great eyecandy with not so great gameplay.

mcarsehat2467d ago

It's going to be the best received game of next year i terms of "user" ratings. It's a PS4 exclusive so it "cannot fail," The graphics are worked on more than gameplay - people like that and most importantly: It is getting bad press BEFORE it comes out so no "hype."

Games with no hype tend to be better when they aren't the worst games ever.

P.S. i think all of this HYPE thing is a load of crap but people still believe it so that's what the outcome will be.

LackTrue4K2467d ago

This new gen, RYES prove this months/year ago...

Stoppokingme2467d ago

There is no such thing as a generic 3rd person shooter.

Look at Gears of War, Uncharted, Max Payne, Mass effect, Binary Domain, Vanquish, Splinter cell, Ghost recons, Red dead redemption, Spec ops, TLOU...etc. All those games share similar mechanics but that's where the similarities end.

And each one of those games brought something new to the table it terms of style, gameplay or storytelling. I'm guessing that the Order will stick to the tried and true method while providing something new and that's not a bad thing.

Patrick_pk442467d ago

People have only played one small section that they previewed dozens of times. It doesn't mean the whole game will be like that.

IndoAssassin2467d ago

Good, now I can enjoy this game in peace when it releases without everyone shouting it was over-hyped lol. If anyone over-hypes themselves after all the previews, well this time it is your own fault.

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lelo2play2467d ago

It's a pity. Previews for this game aren't very good.

gameDevWannaBe2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

From my experience as a gamer after playing a game for 20 mins the gameplay is usually the same 20 hours later.

It's a shooter when are shooters really that impressive.

They should have made it an rpg maybe.

What part is $60 of awsome? You will be slamming your back to the wall like most games after 20 hours. Nothing new.

20 mins is not good enough to know the story but gameplay mechanics take 15 mins to figure out.

Gameplay will not change or do much new I bet you.

Quantum break looks bad also.

2467d ago
2467d ago
Potnoodle9992467d ago

Thats exactly how you could define gears games, In fact they probably set the standard for what a generic 3rd person shooter is, and yet they are still great games. Sure those games also have multiplayer, but it doesnt mean this game can't be at least an 8 out of 10 no?

-Foxtrot2467d ago

All the previews have only played the same mission...

BlackWolf122467d ago

It PROVES nothing.

The game hasn't even freaking released yet. Let's wait until it comes out to start saying things like this about it.

candoa2467d ago

my friend you got a ton of disagree not because what you said is wrong is because you said something negative about a Sony exclusive and here in n4sony that is violation of code#32.

TheJacksonRGN2467d ago

Wrong not all previews say the same thing.

Muzikguy2467d ago

Sounds like a good game formula to me!

kenshiro1002467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Oh cut the nonsense gangsta_red. Paid by Sony? Are you for real?

Maybe people should wait for the full game to be released before spewing nonsense about how it's 'dull' and 'lifeless'.

2467d ago
memots2467d ago

is the game out !?! What did i miss

otherZinc2466d ago

I'm glad reviewers are seeing The Order 1886 is doing nothing.

The Order 1886 has 4 unique characters and no
"Campaign Co-op: that's BS.

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Kayant2467d ago

"The demo, which was the same as the one showcased on the show floors of this year’s E3 and Gamescom" - Yh they need to show a new demo so we know if the views from most previews apply to the rest of the game or not. As so far the sentiment is that gameplay isn't that great.

PureSophistry2467d ago

FINALLY! Some negative Journalism...I LIKE IT!

jrshankill2467d ago

Haha, its revolutionary!!

Rickgrimes952467d ago

I thought ryse, crysis 3, and killzone:sf already proved that

Rickgrimes952467d ago

And by the way people I enjoyed all three of these games but all 3 were also underwhelming

guyman2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

"Max is a 20 year old Social Worker"

Truefan/lifeisgames, is that you?

"The Thermite Rifle is an unresponsive weapon that isn’t fun to use"

That's because you don't know how to use it.

Max_Chiasson2467d ago

What does my profession have to do with anything?

HeavenlySnipes2467d ago

How was the thermite gun "unresponsive" is what I'd like to know

nix2467d ago

Tell us Max. How was it "unresponsive"?

CuddlyREDRUM2467d ago

Stalker alert.

Several other outlets, including IGN, have said the same thing about that rifle.

It apparently shoots erratically and rarely hits.

callahan092467d ago

Even if that's true, who cares if one weapon is not fun or good? Every shooter I've ever played has weapons in it that I just simply don't want to use because I have better options that are either more effective or more fun. Not every weapon has to be the best weapon in the game (or could be).

ShadowWolf7122467d ago

IGN also thinks each CoD installment is 10/10 tier.

methegreatone2467d ago

Read the article. It felt too clunky maybe ? Apparently, enemies who were on fire just wouldn't die. He did use it right eventually, that's when he said it was unresponsive.

It's his opinion, if he didn't like it he didn't like it.

memots2467d ago

how would anyone know !?

lifeisgamesok2467d ago

It's fascinating your obsession with me

I do think this game will be below average though because the trailers haven't been impressive and it releases in 5 months

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