Ruvik's Terrifying Voice Grips Tokyo Game Show In The Evil Within

Shinji Mikami is a legendary genius. Creator of the globally successful Resident Evil series, his latest beautiful, yet tragically chilling tale of Detective Sebastian trapped in a house of horrors will leave you feeling very unsettled.

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janetmarrett111492d ago

Ruviks voice reminds me of the guy who did Michael Jacksons thriller, during the talking part when Jacko comes out of the grave looking like he had missed a few thousand years of sleep. Now his voice is Epic.

randomass1711492d ago

That would be the late and great Vincent Price you're thinking of. :)

henrythomas2841492d ago

Best voice for this type of genre.

lisamorgan41492d ago

I just googled Vincent price and all I say is wow, that voice is amazing.

patelsanjeed1492d ago

With a voice like that, I dare anyone to tell him no.

edwardhuff6631492d ago

I really love seeing true horror classics making a comeback. I have been a huge Mikaki fan so I know what to sort of expect. Outlast was probably one of the best horrors this year, so can't wait to get on playing this too.

danniellelewis1492d ago

Not much of a horro buff, but Resident evil was sort of different. The gameplay felt a little more arcade like to most run away and hide type of games. So will be interested to see where this leads.

Frankskint1492d ago

Mikami is a legend I trust this will follow in similar styles to the resident evil games. Ruvik looks like a guy you won't want to meet in a dark alley way or share coffee with anytime soon.

alvinmiller921492d ago

Just give me 5 minutes with this guy. I will show him whose boss.

dboyman1492d ago

Yes. He will show that he is the boss/ master..:)