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"Hyrule Warriors isn't a traditional Legend of Zelda-style adventure, but it manages to work well as a Zelda-themed power trip. This all-action spin-off ditches the traditional dungeons and puzzles in favor of big, Dynasty Warriors-style battles, but the layers of Zelda fanservice managed to keep my attention for its 10-hour adventure."

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weekev151492d ago

Seems like a fair review. Lookingforward to playing the game.

-Foxtrot1492d ago

Well least they didn't give it a high score just because it's Zelda like some other reviews.

Jdoki1492d ago

I've played a few Dynasty Warriors games over the years, and they've always been solid games, worth a play and worth a 7/10 rating.

Good to see they didn't do anything stupid with this Zelda skinning of DW.

I hope the score doesn't put people off, and that it can attract some new gamers to this interesting genre.

VenturaDres1492d ago

I have never played a Dynasty Warriors game, but I'm picking up this one. The demo I played at Best Buy was enough to convince me.

RyanDJ1492d ago

I have been out of Dynasty Warriors since 3....not by my own choice, but not having the right system when they came out or just not having the funds. I'm excited to see this, and it elevates my interest exponentially.

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