Online games steal Vietnamese youth

Parents and Vietnamese government officials are concerned about addiction to online games, according to a story in the Thanhnien News.

Describing an Internet cafe in Ho Chi Minh City, the report features interviews with players who are hanging out and neglecting their schoolwork:

"They play online games day and night, and many ignore their studies. The phenomenon is also growing among college students, who can access the Internet in the dorms... without the supervision of their families."

The report also notes that the government's Ministry of Information and Communications controls online gaming accounts, automatically logging players off after five hours.

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Wildarmsjecht3772d ago about the internet cafe owners ban students from entering till after the normal time when school gets out. The arcade near my public school years ago did that.

Also, where are the parents? It's not Online games steal Vietnamese Youth. It's lack of parenting/authoritativeness thats allowing this to happen.