Alien: Isolation adds a survivor mode, will be released as DLC

While Alien: Isolation hasn’t even been released yet, Sega and Creative Assembly have already announced that they will be adding DLC to the game in the form of “Survival Mode”.

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SteamPowered1495d ago

I dont really care to know about DLC right at the games launch. It always leaves me with the feeling that they held back with the anticipation of getting more money from gamers.

DarkOcelet1495d ago

I dont mind they add dlc that doesnt necessarily affect the story because i wont be getting it but what bugs me the most is that Ripley dlc that should have been in the game .

dreamed1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

This....pre order bonuses are bullshit,and there already talking about dlc,i wanna play this game for the survival horror aspect but i gotta admit im really skeptical about it...i mean this is an alien game after all.

Omg just watched the video and the guy said some people played guns blazing!!!!

Right so there are guns and the possibility to just run n gun ......lost interest already. Also the fact theres only 1 alien means guns blazing against humans and fuckin androids......GREAT!!!

ZombieGamerMan1495d ago

@ dreamed Look man either you get the game or don't but don't be a fool about this, yeah he said guys ran in guns blazing but nowhere did he say guns blazing gets you far especially since the Alien will hear the gun and come running.

RevXM1495d ago

@ dreamed

Gunfire attracts the alien. Nothing in the game can kill the alien so if you fire a gun you are probably screwed.


ZombieGamerMan1495d ago

Not to keen on the whole fact survivor mode is DLC, now I defend the Ripley DLC thing but I don't know this one does feel like a tad different since the game will ship with a demo for the mode

ConsoleHQ1495d ago

This isn't true. The first map of Survivor is on the disc.

"On October 7th, those brave enough to face the challenge can experience the first map of Survivor Mode — Basement — with their copy of Alien: Isolation."

From the PS Blog.