343 Industries 'Considered' Halo ODST and Reach For Master Chief Collection

Halo developers 343 Industries "considered" including Halo ODST and Halo Reach in their forthcoming Xbox One anthology The Master Chief Collection.

Speaking to IBTimes UK 343's executive producer Daniel Ayoub also revealed that the amount of questions the developer has received regarding the two games has "definitely made its way into our subconscious".

Halo: The Master Chief Collection contains Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 – all revamped for Microsoft's next gen console.

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iNFAMOUZ11492d ago

oh please no, thank god they didnt add the abysmal reach in there

OpieWinston1492d ago

I agree Reach was awful.

The only thing it nailed was Firefight and that was because they prototyped it in ODST.

The multiplayer was shoddy at best.

The campaign had a lot of Canon contradictions as well as stupid reasons to kill each character off aside from Carter.

After playing Destinys Crucible I'm so happy 343i took over Halo.

Volkama1492d ago

I always thought firefight was a bit pants. It suits Gears of War a lot better than Halo imo, and it wasn't really befitting of a Halo game to follow a trend instead of setting one.

FriedGoat1492d ago

The campaign for reach was better than 4.
I actually enjoyed the campaign and the story that led to the last Spartan.

Shadonic1492d ago

Wow everyone ignoring Halo 4 has actually helped 343 in the long run i guess.

user95970821492d ago

Unfortunate the I can only click the disagree button once.

Sitdown1492d ago

Oh please no.... don't add even more value to an already great bundle. If they could have added them without sacrificing the quality of the others, what does it really matter to you?

SaffronCurse1492d ago

Reach grew on me the more I played it. Firefight was pretty fun but always a lagfest.

3-4-51491d ago

Abysmal ? Reach was a ton of fun.

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Roccetarius1492d ago

I liked ODST for what it was, but the soundtrack was really good in that game.

aviator1891492d ago

I agree.
The ost in odst sucked you right in.
Props to marty on that piece and doing something new from other halo games.

Rich16311492d ago

Oh man, I totally agree. The track "Skyline" is flippin' epic as hell.

Mikefizzled1492d ago

Shame as ODST was blighted by awful jaggies and screen tearing. Would have been nice to see what happens when uprezzed and cleaned.

Dlacy13g1492d ago

I am fine with it not being their as I think the current collection is an amazing value. That said I wouldn't have minded either being included as I really liked Reach's story and ODST gave us Fire Fight which was a fantastic mode.

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The story is too old to be commented.