With Battleborn, Gearbox looks to set a new standard for co-op shooters[Polygon]

Polygon :

"The initial reveal in July of Battleborn, the next new project from Gearbox Software, may have given people a false impression — or at the very least, a limited one — of what the studio calls a "hero-shooter." Gearbox had shown off a 5-on-5 competitive mode called Incursion, which plays out similarly to multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) titles, and the early conversation around Battleborn pegged it as the studio's spin on the genre.

But to characterize Battleborn as another Dota 2 or League of Legends wouldn't just be reductive; it would be inaccurate. Gearbox is working on much more than a MOBA, and is engineering this game to last: The studio is aiming for it to offer replayability, a variety of play modes and a universe in which players will become engrossed. And in making Battleborn, Gearbox is building on its 15-year history of developing series like Brothers in Arms and Borderlands to try to deliver something that incorporates the best of those titles and also looks to the future"

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