Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare could become the franchise favourite

MWEB GameZone Writes: " Sledgehammer Games have been cherry picking from past Call of Duty titles to make Advanced Warfare the franchise favourite."

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HanCilliers1490d ago

I like the changes we will see in AW, like excluding "lean mode". My main concern is how the exosuit will impact competitive play.

Mikelarry1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Most of the outlet that i have read who had hands on are reporting that the exosuit does not OP and plays very well.

for this title i am actually gonna wait for reviews fool me 1,2,3,4, (excluding 4 and WAW) times damn SHAME ON ME

HanCilliers1490d ago

ROFL! Those dam review scores hey :)

Ares84HU1490d ago

The media is yet again building the hype and when this game won't live up to it, they will trash it just like they did with Destiny.

The gaming media should not be allowed to write opinion pieces what so ever. They should only be allowed to report nothing but pure facts without letting people know their opinions because gaming journalists are the lowest forms of journalists and the worst fanboys.

Johnsonparts231490d ago

they can write whatever they want but it's up to us to give a $hit or not. I couldn't care less what the "media" thinks about Destiny, cause that game is amazing. Like usual though the media will probably give AW 9's and it will be a 6-7 game. That's why you don't listen to the media. In any medium.

dcj05241490d ago

Hated the past 3 COD games. Looked bad Imo. However I like the look of this 1. And their not hyping it to hell like destiny. Just presenting facts which I like.

Johnsonparts231490d ago

lol wtf? they hype every COD to hell, every year. That's why it doesn't seem bad because we're used to it. They have there own press conference just for the multiplayer reveal.......A PRESS CONFERENCE! No other game does that, not even close. Maybe it'll be good, but I doubt it.

Johnsonparts231490d ago

any new COD could become the franchise favorite......but it won't. COD4 and MW2 are on another level than these new games. They try to do WAY too much and it only takes away from the experience.