Kick-ass powers that game characters forgot they had

Videogame characters are lazy, forgetful, or just plain stupid. Cutscene after cutscene, they exhibit planet-shaking combat abilities and a level of indestructibility which would make God himself jealous. But as soon as you pick up the controller? The Incredible Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner and all of those showboating tricks and superhuman powers disappear into the ether.

They're constantly saving their best tricks until we've already done all the hard work for them, and even if not, then they behave inconsistently to the point of sheer idiocy. Here are the worst offenders.

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dachiefsman3772d ago

God of War was the first game to actually let you be apart of these kick Arse cut scenes.

Instead of sitting back and saying, "why can I do that with my controller?" <I said that quite a bit playing those FF games>

kingOVsticks3772d ago

good list but they forgot the biggest ones like onimusha and actually any jrpg xD