Why the Alien's killer instinct ruins the scares in Isolation

Horror comes in all shapes and sizes and often what scares some of us will make others laugh. One of the wonderful elements of horror as an entertainment form, is its ability to resonate with us all on a slightly different level. Like beauty, horror is in the eye of the beholder. While difficult to appreciate, this perspective appeared all the more evident when I got the opportunity to play Alien: Isolation at the RezzedX Expo.

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TheJacksonRGN1518d ago

That was very well written.

TriadGamer1518d ago

Thanks, appreciate the positive feedback.

Septic1518d ago

Getting hands on with this next week but what's this about being killed as soon as you're spotted? Is there no chase whatsoever?

WeAreLegion1518d ago

Well, the alien is much faster than you. If that thing is within fifteen feet of you, you're toast. Not a single weapon in the game is going to help you. If it spots you from the next room, you might have a chance to run, but you need to know you're way around and get used to the AI. The AI can be tricked.

TriadGamer1518d ago

I got to spend about 35 minutes with the demo in question and after trying multiple strategies (of which most ended in death) I can say that once that Alien had eyes on me, I wasn't getting away. There's no time run, no time to hide, just death.

killagram1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

It's a well written article and a legitimate concern but I don't believe the authors concerns are warranted. Yesterday I read another testers experience of being spotted, then shortly thereafter the Alien walking away. Their eyesight is most likely limited in scope; their hearing and sense of smell is more acute.

I'm not too worried about the experience being an uneven fight since the majority of people are loving this game thus far. Can't wait until next month!

WeAreLegion1518d ago

Depends how dark it is. Aliens can't see in the dark, just like us. That's one of the reasons they're easy prey for Predators.

dreamed1518d ago

Where did you hear that?

Wni01518d ago

No chase? That seems impossible. I am really glad they took a risk with the one alien idea, or perhaps more later.

dreamed1518d ago

Check out the post/video about survival dlc the dev admits you can play this game guns blazing.....which is not survival horror imo.

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