Public Events now Occur Twice as Often in Destiny - and That's Excellent

After a week on the market, Bungie yesterday issued its first update for Destiny. While it’s nothing major – largely stability patches for those who experience connection issues – the most interesting piece of information states that Public Events should occur twice as frequently in public spaces.

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Spurg1518d ago

I don't know how it works but every time I get team up with people than level 20 and I have to do the public event on my own because they are cause scrappy damage and don't even take part in the event.

Has any one done the event you have to kill a fallen before he runs away....seems to be the hardest one.

aconnellan1518d ago

I always fail that event, because he teleports to where he is escaping when he's at like 1/4 health, gets me every time

--Onilink--1518d ago

by far the hardest, not just the captain, but in other planets too.

I've only done it twice. Once solo with a rather low level (8) servitor, though it still packed a punch.

And the second time it was a Centurion on Mars and it took 4 22+ people (2 of them in an interceptor) to kill him.

The other events are not that hard though.

shloobmm31518d ago

That one is hard. That guy just back peddles the whole damn time while fighting and is the ultimate bullet sponge.

LazyGoron1518d ago

I love public events, one of my favorite part of the game. Although it is frustrating, doesn't happen a lot, when people join die and leave. It's like... "shit man! Come back and help me out!"

Then I am dead as well if it's just me.

snookiegamer1518d ago

I totally don't get what some peoples problems are with Destiny? Over Hyped or not, Destiny is awesome in many ways. The short story/narrative is just an introduction to what I'm sure will evolve into an even more epic experience than it already is...

Shame on reviewers who scored Destiny as if it were average (Gamespot 6, Polygon 6...and IGN yet unknown)..yet these same shills gave Titanfall 9's???

Review scores have got to go! Reviewers are taking liberties with it. A game should be reviewed with consumers in mind...not selfies!

Destiny Totally Rocks! LvL 19 and rising!!

TM3331518d ago

At least you can see through their agenda. Those "reviewers" think they can control our minds.

snookiegamer1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

You just know payment, donations, funding goes to Reviewers/Mainstream Game Media to heavily promote certain games...

Titanfall, Forza 5 and Xbox versions of COD are all guilty.

Not to insinuate only Microsoft does it...but look at how many awesome PS4 games have received ridiculously low scores?

shinrock1518d ago

So how dose the events make things better?

LazyGoron1518d ago

Just a nice surprise/break from whatever else you were doing. I enjoy doing the bounties for patrol missions on planets because I know I'll get a random public event that is usually pretty intense. They're a lot of fun

The more the happen the better IMO. You don't have to join them if you don't want to.

--Onilink--1518d ago

and you can get some nice rewards for them

Shadonic1518d ago

I was on my way to a strike when me and a friend came across one guy struggling trying to complete one. We went and helped him out and got some good loot, I think that's where I got my go to rare shotgun that i wont even remove for legendary ones. Their just cool little events and the openings for them are awesome especially the meteor one.

WeAreLegion1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I love these events, but I hope they change it up a bit more in the future. These battles are becoming somewhat formulaic. It would be insane if they introduced new enemies randomly in these events.

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