Amazon upgrading Bayonetta 2 pre-orders to Special Edition free of charge

Amazon UK has begun upgrading Bayonetta 2 pre-order customers to the Special Edition free of charge.

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Nevers0ft1497d ago

This is good to hear (I can confirm it too). I got caught up in this mess after seeing the Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct a couple of weeks ago. I went straight to my usual place, Amazon, and ordered what appeared to be a ridiculous bargain. I had a suspicion it was a cock-up on Amazon's part so took a few screenshots as proof... Turns out it was unnecessary, Amazon rocks :)

LonDonE1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Yep I pre ordered Bayonetta 2 back in January 2014 and it was advertised as including Bayonetta 1! so when the Bayonetta direct happened I just knew there would be problems! so I took a screen shot of the Amazon page and saved the web page and when I contacted them they said not to worry and that Amazon would honour it!

But about a week ago when I contacted them they were now refusing to upgrade me and at first even denied that the product page listing stated "Bayonetta 1 included" under key features! I laughed and asked to speak to a supervisor and then she too said they could do nothing!

I then said I had proof that it was listed as including the first game and since I spend thousands on Amazon each year I would take my business elsewhere as a matter of principal! even now I have over 10 games on pre order and I told her I would cancel all of them! She then asked for me to email the proof which I did and then after 3 or so days they wrote to me apologising and subsequently upgraded my order to the special edition which in UK has both games! and what's even more great is I am getting both games for £30! which is a BARGAIN!

I was actually shocked that they were denying it and saying it was never listed as including both games, luckily for me I saved the web page and took screen caps of it! and I told her its ludicrous after I showed her the email from her co worker a week earlier stating for me not to worry and that I would get both games!

So my advice to anyone in my position is dont just take Amazons word for it, even if they have previously told you that they would honour it! check to see if your orders page shows the single bayonetta 2 solos one or if it shows the special edition with both games!
If it still shows the solos game ring them and demand they change it and explain to them the situation!
Since it was advertised as one of the key features that bayonetta 1 would be included and so its only fair they honour it! they may try to deny it and say no like they did with me even though a week earlier one of the customer service reps said they would honour it.
And even though I had the email from her in writing as proof stating I would get both games, still they tried it!

It did shock me to be honest I have been shopping on Amazon way over 15 years and without a shadow of a doubt their customer service IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD BY FAR!!!
so I was surprised to see them try to pull a fast one LOL
Either way I would advise all to contact them asap and get them to upgrade it, dont just take their word for it that on release day you should get both games!

Good luck to all! for me I got a great result! but like I said I had to argue with one of them and then I had to escalate it to a supervisor and even then I had to prove that they previously had it listed as including both games! so I hope you guys were smart enough to screen cap it like me, or you may even end up getting a good Amazon rep who just does it straight away like for my mate.

Nevers0ft1496d ago

Agreed. I use Amazon a hell of a lot, especially for games pre-orders. But if this has taught me anything, it's to screenshot everything I order and hang onto it until my order arrives. (on a side note, as you can see above - I ordered a couple of weeks ago and they voluntarily upgraded me... It looks like it comes down to a coin toss with regard to these sort of mix-ups at Amazon).