What's the right racing game for you this year?


When Activision shuttered Bizarre Creations back in 2011 the publisher attributed the decision to the fact the “fundamentals of the racing genre” had changed significantly during the three years that had elapsed since the company had purchased the UK developer.

Unfortunately the racing genre had changed. Robust racers like Blur and Split/Second had failed to find large audiences and the closures of well-established developers like Bizarre and Black Rock Studio followed. Category leaders like the Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport series remained viable but the market for everything else just didn’t seem to be there anymore.

So which of these upcoming racing games will be right for you? IGN finds out

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Mikelarry2565d ago

not really a racing game fanatic but I seriously LOVED burnout paradise, most of the racing games I have seen seem to be way too serious. can anyone recommend a racing game that mimics burnout paradise for the either ps4 or xbone one

Ballsack2565d ago

Forza horizon is more open like paradise

Driveclub is more social with better graphics

Your better going with horizon

Mikelarry2565d ago

thanks will have a look into horizon

Gazondaily2565d ago

Forza Horizon 2 for sure. Played the demo yesterday and had a smile all the way through. The visuals are astounding, the handling sublime, the feedback on the controller's triggers are brilliant, the music is so good (Nero-Satisfy!) the open world is brilliant...I want this game now!

IrishSt0ner2565d ago

I'd love to play DC and feel how the cars handle, graphics are superb either way.

Played Horizon 2 last night, when allowed to turn off the horrible racing lines and assists, the cars handled fantastically. With these settings off there's a lot more to the simulation aspect than I was expecting, and the developers PGR similarity comment makes absolute sense.

Got that giddy feeling I havn't felt in a while gaming, Playground Games are onto another winner!

4Sh0w2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

@Mikelarry, ultimately is just personal preference but if its an all around great racing game packed with really compelling features you are looking for right out of the box then Forza Horizon 2 imho is hands down the best choice by far:

-Inherits the amazing handling dynamics/physics engine, tuning and customisation options from Forza5
-Add weather effects and a radical new lighting
-Seamless transition between solo component and online mode by allowing players to jump between each instantly with the push of a button
-Extensive social features, 1000 player clubs with shared progression
-Nearly 150 tracks and 7 radio stations curated by well known BBC Radio DJ Rob da Bank (you can check out the list of songs here:
-Drivatars that learn your driving behavior and mimic other gamers driving skills
-Superb visuals
-200 cars to drive right out of the box
-Over 700 events
-Skill points for driving style similar to PGR "Kudos"
-Open World go where you want= Explore every corner of the world.

---Lots of good racers coming out but for me the above highlights packed into FH2 right out of the box make it the racer to beat and especially after enjoying the FH2 demo so much yesterday it just cemented my choice as the best racer for the rest of the year.

MrPink20132565d ago

Well for some people it will be DC and for others FH2 simply because they don't own both consoles. That's why some of the comments need to be taken with a grain of salt. I like most racers.

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mcstorm2565d ago

@Mikelarry Ide say Horizon 2. For me it was the best racing game I played last gen. The 2nd looks to build on this and after playing the demo yesterday I have to say its looking like this is going to be my game of the year and even the gen so far. PG really know how to make a game with cars fun.

DC looks a good game but I don't think it will give the same amount of hours Horizn 2 will and it really is a massive open world racer with lots to offer.

danowat2565d ago

Horizon 2 looks absolutely sublime in the demo, seriously gorgeous.

ABizzel12565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Didn't even know the demo was out, going to download it now. But on a side note MS is stingy with the demos on there it's like only 15 demos an 2/3 are Kinect / Lego / or sports games -_-

Only got Forza and Dead Rising

bleedsoe9mm2565d ago

seriously beautiful game and no invisibile walls

JasonBloodbourne2565d ago

Driveclub and project cars I think for me. Wasn't a fan of horizon 1, tried the demo and straight away thought na not for me at all. But each to their own I say.

MeliMel2565d ago

Was demo to good for you? Or do not like awesome racing games?

Orbilator2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

It was nothing special the f2 demo,for me anyways, project cars looks and handles better. And the dc social aspect looks more user friendly

JasonBloodbourne2565d ago

Na mate I just couldn't stand the music or the announcer. And I know what I like and it isn't forza horizon 2. Didn't really like the first one either man.

Tedakin2565d ago

Obviously if you only have one console or the other, the choice is clear. Forza Horizon 2's demo is incredible though.

Torque_CS_Lewith2565d ago

That's not entirely true, both sides have one exclusive plus The Crew and Project Cars.
The only place where it's a simple decision is if you are gaming on ps3 or Wii U since both are only getting Project Cars.

Tedakin2565d ago

True. I was only considering Forza and Drive Club.

aaron58292565d ago

im more into circuit racing and sims... so Project Cars for me.

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