Minecraft MOD CivCraft goes standalone - The Microsoft effect

MWEB GameZone writes: "The popular MOD CivCraft is going standalone in the form of Praxis. This move was announced by developers [Redacted] Games only one day after the confirmation that Microsoft has bought Mojang.

This could signal a long line of developers to follow suit, running away from the Microsoft owned Minecraft and creating standalone verions of their games."

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SonZeRo1495d ago

Sounds to me more like they think they can do a cash in like Notch got if the game they are trying to sell isn't based off a soon to be MS game.

Clown_Syndr0me1495d ago

Sounds about right, but if they're based on Minecraft surely MS can sue?

HoldenZA1495d ago

I think they are protected, since it was developed pre-Microsoft. I doubt they would of made this move if they were legally in the wrong.

SonZeRo1495d ago

They are shifting to a new engine from the looks of it so they don't have that issue.

Sillicur1495d ago

Dont think MS can sue. New engine, differnt name, was developed pre-ms

HoldenZA1495d ago

It sounds like CivCraft wants to get onto that money train, and I don't blame them when the game itself sold for over $2billion.

Sillicur1495d ago

I think its more about protecting their ideas from MS

mixelon1495d ago

Very sensible.

It's not wise to make a game on a software platform/engine you have no control over. The MS purchase could mean absolutely anything for mod developers at this point, and civcraft was like a game in its own right. They need to be able to sell their work and not worry about legal issues.. They also need to know that the entire foundation they've been working from isnt going to change.. We have no idea what's going to happen with MC now.

Sillicur1495d ago

Exactly, very well said. We are so in the dark as to the future of MOD development in minecraft at the moment, that it is the right move for developers to move to standalone if they can