Let's MANGA! Announced for PS Vita

During Sony's TGS conference tonight in Tokyo, Let's MANGA! was announced for PS Vita.

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RyujiDanma1519d ago

any word if we'll get some more dating sim/ecchi games? hmmmm? sony?

dcj05241519d ago

Gotta up my virtual game!

Delsin_Rowe1519d ago

I want this in North America or i will use my awesomeness and tell my bud the smokey, video, concrete, Neon to convince them quite peacefully.

Delsin_Rowe1518d ago

I need it now to create a manga since i want leave U.S to go to Japan to start creating my own studio to create manga, anime but for now i just wait, if this is release in america and i could at least try my best to create a Comedy, slice of life, romance story taking place either in High School or College.