New Pre-TGS Trailer for The Evil Within

Shinji Mikami's return to survival-horror, The Evil Within, gets a new TGS trailer ahead of its October release.

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FlunkinMonkey1492d ago

Definitely elements of nostalgia for me... Loving the idea of going back to some of the roots of survival horror.

I'm just hoping the gameplay mechanics do no prove clunky and outdated.. I am sensing there is going to be some serious issues with frame rate here also.. Graphics also seem a little inconsistent.

Still one of my most anticipated titles of the year.

Squall_231492d ago

Advice : don't watch .. This game gonna be so goood !!

DarkOcelet1492d ago

Damn it . I couldnt resist , need this in my blood now ...

chrissx1492d ago

Survival horror is making a come back >:)

DarkOcelet1492d ago

Finally man its been a whole goddamn generation without horror games.

Agent_hitman1492d ago

Some gamers say that they don't like this game, based on the demo gameplay. Anyhow, I will still get this game and play it because this is another creation of Mr. Mikami..

dreamed1492d ago

Just want horror of all forms to come back to console,why all the big publishers decided last gen it was dead is beyond me.

I suppose its due to the out of touch dieing old geezers running companys like ea/ubisoft/activision.

The sooner these 3 go bankrupt the better the industry will be imo.

BitbyDeath1492d ago

PS2 era is back.
Bring on the games, and death to FPS overkill!

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