Destiny's End Game - A Quick Guide To Strike Mission Advancement

Fellow Guardians, can you believe today marks the one week anniversary of Destiny? Whether you love or hate Bungie’s latest product, most of us have come to the same conclusion: you’ll reach the Level 20 soft cap in no time. For some, the ascension most likely takes place solely in The Crucible. Before you know it, you'll hit 20 while still on your very first mission on the Moon. So now what? Well, there are a few things that need to happen in order for additional advancement to progress into Destiny’s toughest areas, including the all new “Vault of Glass” Raid (as well as the numerous Strikes). Here are a few high tips and tricks.

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Kilo_Brown1493d ago

Very informative. I did not really understand the modifiers for the weapons until this, great insight!