Destiny shows review scores can be harmful. And why they need to go.

MWEB GameZone writes: "We've always maintained that review scores are something that we don't need anymore in gaming criticism. In their current form, they're of little value to the consumer, belittle the work of the reviewer and, as the news with Destiny shows, can be unnecessarily harmful to developers. If you're unaware of Destiny's review score situation, it appears the game's lower than expected review scores could potentially be precluding it's developer, Bungie, from earning a "Quality Bonus" worth $2.5 million."

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Godmars2901497d ago

More like company PR needs to control itself. Stop setting overly high goals and describe what it is they're actually selling.

crusf1497d ago

Exactly! People put the blame on the hard working coders and designers of the game when they had nothing to do with the outlandish PR the game was getting. You really think that's fair people.

sobotz1497d ago

Even without all the hype, the game still average tho. It's only getting a good graphic because it's on the newgen console.

The shooting is fun, the rest are meh.

TFJWM1496d ago

I played the alpha and beta but I didn't buy it. But most of these reviews are totally bs. 5 and 6s come on. Even thou i'm not playing it I'd give it an 8 in beta i'd assume its improved since then.

monkeyDzoro1496d ago

So now, reviews need to go right ?
Where were those guys when Knack got crushed by the "gaming media".
A good and fun game, not a revolution but decent one.
Now you want to get rid of the media because hey're bashing your beloved FPS...

Godmars2901496d ago

Thing about that is the team leads were leading the PR charge.

donthate1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Actually, I think the outlandish PR from game companies overly promising and hyping things they do not provide is harmful to the industry.

The media is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. Sure Destiny didn't deserve some of those low scores, but it didn't deserve some of those high scores either.

As a consensus it was pretty spot on!

I think this was a lesson in "don't hype up your game, and don't tell BS, because reviewers will be disappointed and slam your game!"

Instead focus on making that an awesome game something Destiny wasn't!

NewMonday1496d ago

the gameplay in Destiny and fun but Bungie deserve to lose out on the "Quality Bonus"for sleeping on the story/narrative

princejb1341496d ago

The game is average
I'm honestly bored with it and I only played for about 6 hours (lvl14 Titan)
I was reading reviews on it and was skeptical about buying it but the reviews we're spot on. This game is nothing special.

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AngelicIceDiamond1497d ago

Overselling the product is the problem with AAA's so far.

radler1496d ago

All the hype I saw for Destiny came from people who played the Alpha/Beta saying that it was great. The game didn't get any more media coverage than any other title as far as I'm aware, the hype was player-driven.

Look at the comment sections and how frenzied the average gamer gets over any announcement, no matter how small. That's where all the insane hype for games comes from.

Case in point: People losing their minds are hyping the heck out of a couple of concept art pictures for the next game from Guerilla Games. No marketing/media hype, just gamers stirring it all up entirely themselves. It happens all the time.

donthate1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

No, the framework was set by Bungie and Activision.

They mentioned a decade year plan, huge and epic worlds, with huge amount of content. Instead we got a game with repeated levels on the same map, piss poor performance by Peter Dinklage, hollow lacking story, and the story telling was pure [email protected]

So what we really got, was a solid game mechanic (ala Halo), beatiful art, and great music.

The demo was suppose to give us a sneak peak, not the entire game for F sake!

If you enjoy the game, I say more power to you. Keep enjoying it, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, and that applies to all games. However, Destiny was not by todays standard of video games a "great" game, it was at best slightly above average.

Godmars2901496d ago


Still, half a billion supposedly gone into making this game, and it looks like most of it going into future content.

Also pretty sure that Bungie reps talked up open world elements. Pity that seems to boil down to walking around a set.

princejb1341496d ago

I feel like the hype came from people thinking because it's a bungee game it was going to be an amazing game. I hated halo but still gave this game a try and is boring as hell.

700p1496d ago

The thing is..i doubt the review scores are harming it much. The average user is actually enjoying the games despite it being average. Destiny will still sell like hotcakes.

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Forbidden_Darkness1497d ago

Review scores in general need to go, in all forms of media. Not just because of this either. Putting irrelevant numbers on reviews doesn't help them one bit, it only blinds people into believing anything below a 7 or 8 is complete trash and a waste of time. Most people judge a game on the sole basis of that and not the pros and cons, mechanics and such of the actual title itself.

HanCilliers1496d ago

And how do you put a single review score to a game with different elements like multiplayer, raiding single-pplayer etc etc.

HanCilliers1497d ago

I for one would be really happy if sites never use numbered review scores

crusf1497d ago

It's like reviewing the icing on the cake without eating the whole thing. Destiny is only just beginning to evolve. More story missions,Maps,Raids,Loot,Armor ,Planets etc will be added in the future. People are too quick to judge.

ElementX1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

How much will those cost? Why should people have to pay more to make the game interesting?

dieger1496d ago

The game was released....

Sillicur1497d ago

I think numbered review scores are still needed and i use them regurarly. The reason being that it is still a great measure to sum up the game's quality.

However, I do agree and believe that game reviewers should come together and decide on one, fair system, in order to number rate the games.

HanCilliers1496d ago

Again, how would you review a game with multiple aspects. Battlefield usually has a weak SP campaign but very strong MP. Do you score the game on both? Separately?

Sillicur1496d ago

I think a fair way would be to score it like this:

SP - 5/10
MP - 5/10
Graphics - 5/10
Sound - 5/10
Gameplay - 5/10
Stability and performance - 5/10

Then give the average rating at the bottom. Yet to your point, i think all the different aspects scores should be shown to the reader.

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