Girls Are Fighting Sexism With a Video Game About Tampons

Two New York high schoolers are hoping to combat misogyny with Tampon Run, a game that cleverly replaces guns in an old school shooter game with, well, tampons. The girls, who graduated from the Girls Who Code camp — a program that teaches girls to code in hopes of closing the gender gap in tech — this summer, thought it was strange that violence and guns seem to be so mainstream in our culture while talking about periods — which every woman experiences — is not. Hence the invention of Tampon Run. In the game, tampons are used as projectiles to throw at oncoming enemies.

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Halo2ODST22566d ago

What Sexism, there isn't any in Gaming

HaveAsandwich2565d ago

It doesn't exist. That's the best part.

Dee_912564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

The issue with internet feminist is that they believe they need to be accepted by men to be a part of society.They also love to come up with the dumbest most asinine excuses for calling for misogyny or sexist, or inequality.Take this quote from the article for example

"I have guy friends who can talk about whatever they want — we’re very open about each other, and they’ll make poop jokes and things like that — but whenever I try to bring up menstruation with them and talk about it, I’m just shut down. They don’t want to talk about it. They think it’s gross. Even my brother when I’ve talked to him about it, he shuts me down."

Lets ignore the fact that when men fart or make poop or fart jokes around women they generally react in disgust, so theres no difference in the way men react when joking about your periods .. I for one can't stand the sight of blood and nearly vomit when I see the gift my gf leaves on the toilet seat occasionally BUT, that is beside the point here.The point is, this isn't inequality, this isn't misogny, this isn't sexism. Men and Women are different.. we will never be equal in society because nobody is equal society..period..

mixelon2564d ago

Surely nobody is delusional and/or dumb enough to think that's the case.

There is definitely some sexism in gaming. There's anough of it just around here.

Being absolutist about it just make people look either dismissive or insane. You can argue about its severity or importance - you can say "but it's the same outside of gaming!" And other debatable but legitimate claims - but you can't in any way claim it doesn't exist at all.


ps4lifesucka2564d ago

It's not sexism to draw a woman that's overly attractive. It's not sexism to want to look at a naked body or want to touch one... It's not sick or gross or wrong. When all you do is watch or play things where people die or get killed that is. Please stop with this western moral crap. Sex isn't bad killing is. You're the one that's backwards

Droidbro2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

You're an idiot. You can make that argument on just about anything, so your point is meaningless. It is a fact that any sexism in games is negligible compared to any other medium. I hope you're not a woman. I wouldn't want to come off as sexist.

Deadpool6162564d ago

Oh Good! Mixelon! For a second there I thought you weren't going to show up. You're in these particular comment sections day in, day out, expecting a different result from other folks, so I thought you would be the person to ask this insane question to. I'm asking your expert opinion, because I want to KNOW how this can pertain to making a game.'s my question.

What the hell is a tampon? And what do they do?

Halo2ODST22556d ago

There is defiantly Inequality outside of gaming, but none present within Gaming, all it is, is about having fun, a Hobby,although some delusional people mistake Marketing to a specific demographic as sexism

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ravensly2566d ago Show
Halo2ODST22566d ago

Wait, is this Satire, this recent Altercation with the Indie Dev was about Corruption in the Gaming Industry

Lord_Sloth2566d ago Show
DiscoKid2566d ago

How ironic. They seek equality in gaming by making a game that is completely irrelevant to males.

Do some of these girl gamers not know there are renowned female game designers still designing games to this day?

L0YD2565d ago

No they don't, but they would bitch and moan even if they did.

TheOtherVitaOwner2564d ago

How are they "bitching and moaning" they just made a game. Back the fuck off.

Soldierone2564d ago

That's the funny thing. Some of the best games on the shelf we written by a female, a lot were even designed by a female.

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