Level-Start 28: Do You Think Destiny Was Over-Hyped?

"T-42 asks the question: Do You Think Destiny That Was Over-Hyped? He also delivers his personal take on the situation. This might have started an even bigger issue all-together. All this and more inside A Fresh episode of Level-Start." -Play Legit

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MSBAUSTX1491d ago

It depends on what aspect of the game you were wanting to play the most. If it is multiplayer, then the hype was about right. If it was story, character depth, compelling lore, and creative and beautiful scenery with amazing single player camaign, it was hyped 100 times more than it should have been. It just depends on what you wanted from the game. That is why some reviews are amazing and some are terrible.

bacrec11491d ago

That's a great way to look at it. I did buy with multiplayer in mind.