New IPs Finding Less Success On The Wii

Throughout this week, EEDAR's director of analytical services Jesse Divnich is presenting exclusive Gamasutra analysis of April's hardware and software trends, using data from Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR), The simExchange, NPD, IGN GamerMetrics, and GameTrailers.

Today's chart analysis examines gray market sales data to determine whether Wii pricing fluctuations are a sign of Nintendo increasing its supply enough to meet demand.

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ry-guy3870d ago

Duh. Blame it on the casual market and the status symbol the Wii has become.

It isn't a gaming system it is a sign of being 'in' with society, and this comes from a guy who owns one.

tomadonxl3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I agree 100% gamers buy games and fadmonkeys play wii sports

Smacktard3870d ago

While I agree that this is pretty obvious, and the majority of the problem does stem from casuals...

Could the problem also come from hardcore gamers who don't like the design or artwork of the new IP games? I bought Zack and Wiki and loved it, but I did wait for a price drop, and I bought it used. I am glad I didn't buy it full price. No More Heroes didn't really appeal to me. I think it was over-hyped and I have a feeling I wouldn't like it, and it wouldn't have much replay value. As for Boom Blox? Waiting for a price drop.

Some hardcore gamers don't like the kiddy or cel-shaded look of these games. Perhaps they're to blame, too.

ChickeyCantor3869d ago

IF core gamers actually supported the games, they wouldnt be wining about games not selling at all.

Want change? then make a start.

Voiceofreason3869d ago

Lets be fair here. When you compare these new IP's by type of game, you might see why they have a hard time finding sales on Wii. Mysims, Boom Blox,NMH,Zack and Wiki, ok now what new IP's have hit the PS3/360? Except for NMH which I personally loved I cannot think of a single original adult game for Wii. One thats a new IP as well and that would rival some of the new IP's making their way to PS3/360.. Nintendo said that 60-80% of Wii owners were adults.. Maybe its time 3rd party developers let that sink in and act accordingly. I think some have, others like Capcom dont seem to be able to understand the Wii at all. "RE sales great on Wii so lets make another casual kids game.".Another thing to consider is development time. Compare the time some of those great new IP's got and look at what some of the new Wii IP's got pushed out in.