Global Sales Week Ending 9/6/2014 Xbox One Global Rollout Week

Gen 8 Hardware Totals
PS4 133,462.....LTD 10,339,687
XOne 124,736.....LTD 5,236,151
WiiU 40,562 .....LTD 7,173,909

Gen 8 Software Totals
PS4 410,647.....LTD 27,196,537
XOne 260,757.....LTD 17,746,774
WiiU 119,455.....LTD 28,687,940

*LTD = Life to Date

Top 5 Global Retail Sales (Software)
1. The Sims 4 (PC) Electronic Arts, Action 408,150
2. Madden NFL 15 (PS4) Electronic Arts, Sports 113,292
3. Madden NFL 15 (XOne) Electronic Arts, Sports 87,684
4. Madden NFL 15 (X360) Electronic Arts, Sports 77,881
5. Youkai Watch 2 Ganso/Honke (3DS) Level 5, Role-Playing 62,287

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MRMagoo1233186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

So PS4 still keeps the lead even tho the xbone launched in other countries ? I wonder if this is what the real numbers are like or just the made up vg ones. I also wonder if the xbone cant beat the ps4 with all of its new countries with launch numbers how will the numbers look when the launch honeymoon is over next week.

Eonjay3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

It will go back down, but it will get a boost from Destiny and free game week in the US. PS4 may do unbelievable number though next week so... it will probably look incredibly skewed.

xHeavYx3186d ago

The One already launched in the "important" countries. These tier 2 countries won't make much of a difference, especially if the PS4 is already available

lifeisgamesok3186d ago

The only people caring that the PS4 sells more than the XB1 are Sony fans

Play games not numbers people

Excited for Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, and Halo

I hope Driveclub is good

CrazedFiend3186d ago

Are the Xbone numbers shipped or sold?

MysticStrummer3186d ago

"The only people caring that the PS4 sells more than the XB1 are Sony fans"

Right! That's probably why MS made the "integral" Kinect optional so soon.


MS cares that PS4 sells more than XB1.

mikeslemonade3186d ago

What ever happen to the N4G users who said the sales disparity was because the PS4 launched in 39 more territorries??

Haha go eat crow because during launch week the X1 still didn't beat PS4.

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Eddie201013186d ago

Launched in other country's and had a Maden bundle in the US and still could't beat PS4. First weeks launch sales are usually a console highest single week sales so those numbers will go down.

cell9893186d ago

I seriously thought the Madden Bundle would make a dent on the PS4 sales. Microsoft claims Xbox is the place to be for anything NFL, I guess it wasnt enough.

According to these numbers the xbox did manage to get fairly close to the PS4 sales, now the only chance xbox has to beat PS4 in monthly sales is when the Halo collection comes out, if that doesnt do it, nothing will.

aceitman3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

you should of seen the numbers before someone posted these on n4g ,they where adjusted after vg chartz forums blew up , they had x1 with 138,000 now its at 124,000 Europe's numbers are up by 300% what's weird is theres now x1 games in the top 20 there . so what did they buy x1 and no games . with all the numbers in it had ps4 higher but they had x1 with higher totals. here is what they had 1st http://gamrconnect.vgchartz...
omg also they even put x1 at 5.3 and fixed that it weird that x1 selling less than 100,000 hits 300,000 in just 3 weeks but ps4 that hits 150,000 a week only hit 300,000 in 3 weeks wtf. totals are a cluster [email protected]#$ it should be at least 450,000 in 3 weeks not 300,000

Eonjay3186d ago

That is awfully weird. Hmm. So it might still be overtracked.

Kayant3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

It's always fun to see Vgchartz and their guesstimates.

Look at this -

PS4 30 Aug Global - 153,416
(Cached)Same thing 16 Sep 2014 15:07:07 GMT - 155,247

XB1 30 Aug Global - 80,352
(Cached)Same thing 16 Sep 2014 15:07:07 GMT - 82,629


Go to

and put

to see the last cached version.

Edit -
same thing with software.

PS4 30 Aug Global - 876,378
(Cached)Same thing 16 Sep 2014 15:07:07 GMT - 858,183

XB1 30 Aug Global - 512,549
(Cached)Same thing 16 Sep 2014 15:07:07 GMT - 512,549

Dat over/under tracking.

VealParmHero3186d ago

This is why people say "it's vg chartz". You cannot trust these numbers. I mean we all know ps4 is outselling and probably by a comfortable number, but this is just no way to really gauge it. I don't really care all that much anyways, but it would be nice to actually get some real numbers straight from the horses mouth...i'm calling you a horse MS

gameon19853186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

First off no one was expecting the Xbox to out sell the PS4 with these added countries, but only to make the sales a lot closer which they did. Second Sony is STILL in like 20 to 30 more countries, so don't act like they are on even playing fields yet. and lastly this is VGchartz, enough said.

MasterCornholio3186d ago

"First off no one was expecting the Xbox to out sell the PS4 with these added countries,"

Truefan1 did.


Just look at his comment history and you'll see.

cell9893186d ago

but this was the xbone launching in these new countries, there should have been a huge spike in sales at least for the first week. Goes to show the potential abysmal numbers it will get on the coming weeks when the hardcore xbox gamers have all gotten their coveted console.

strangeaeon3186d ago

Its always this insecure knee jerk reaction from the usual Sony fanboys "NO WAY, XBONE WILL NEVER OUTSELL THE PS4"!! When all along it was only Truefan and a smattering of others saying that the extra countries would indeed accomplish this. The extra territories will help, can we at least agree on that?

SilentNegotiator3186d ago

"First off no one was expecting the Xbox to out sell the PS4 with these added countries"

avengers19783186d ago

Actually a lot of Xbox fans did. I remember a good number of post that said stuff like... Wait till Xbox launches in tier 2 countries, or the only reason PS4 is winning is because it's avalible more places.

And this is VGCharts so in reality it's probably closer to PS4 at 150,000+, and XB1 around 100,000

morganfell3186d ago

If you think Truefan was the only one expecting the X1 to start outselling the PS4 then you are operating on a selective memory. Revisionist history does not change history and it fools practically no one.

VenturaDres3186d ago

Both business were in complete control of when and how they launched - they've been on an "even playing field" as far as business is concerned. It's not like Sony had some unfair advantage.

FITgamer3186d ago

There were quite a few on this site that thought they would help "close the gap". In order to do that it would have to out sell the PS4.

Sayburr3186d ago

Actually, I thought launch week would be the best chance for XBO to outsell the PS4... looks like even people who were waiting on XBO to be released in their country weren't enough to outsell the PS4 which has been available for quite some time.

CrazedFiend3186d ago


"First off no one was expecting the Xbox to out sell the PS4 with these added countries..."

True. I'll give you that.

"but only to make the sales a lot closer which they did."

Hmmm. Depends on how you wanna spin it really.

Say you have 2 cars on the highway. A blue one going 80mph, another green one is going 30. Obviously, that 1st car is pulling way ahead of the second.

Now say the green car suddenly doubles it's speed to 60. Sure it's going twice as fast in relation to it's own original speed. You could even say it's not falling behind as fast. But you really can't say that it's getting any closer to that blue car cause guess what, that car is still pulling away at a speed of 20mph.

The gap is still widening.

"Sony is STILL in like 20 to 30 more countries, so don't act like they are on even playing fields yet."

True again, but..

But then even if both consoles were out in all the identical countries, Xbox would still need to be winning in at least some of those countries. The size of the countries doesn't matter, but the less countries they win, the more they have to win by in those countries.

After launch Xbone's launch window is over, lets knock out all of those countries that don't have both systems and see which countries are blue and which are green.


"and lastly this is VGchartz..."

Are you sure you want to put that out there? That's just basically saying that real life numbers are actually worse for the Xbone. Don't forget. This is VGchartz.

Enough said.

XabiDaChosenOne3185d ago

"but only to make the sales a lot closer which they did." But its only going to last for one week so....

CrazedFiend3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

don't mind the disagrees, but will someone please tell me where I'm wrong? As I see it;

-the gap in sales is still widening

-looking at sales in only countries carrying both systems would squash the issue of equal territories

-VGchartz is famous for faking the numbers down for PS4 and up for Xbone, is it not?
So does pointing out these are VGchart numbers make things look better for Xbone? I think not.

If you don't agree with my logic, then please teach me. Otherwise I feel I won't learn anything ;)

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Flamingweazel3186d ago

No expect a big drop next week launch week is always abnormally large. 80-90% drop. LOL at tier 2 would save x1, cannot even beat ps4 for 1 week on lauunch weeek.

TheWatercooler3186d ago

Sorry but those Xbone stats are complete [email protected]*t

Funantic13186d ago

It's not showing X1 sales after it released in other countries. It'll take a little time for those numbers to show.

SilentNegotiator3186d ago

And it was just any ol' week for ps4. Ouch.

gameon19853185d ago

How was this any old week for PS4 when they just launch destiny and was promoting it like it was exclusive to PS4?

SilentNegotiator3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Go look for Destiny on this page's numbers. I dare you. Take a screenshot, even.

CaptainObvious8783185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

very interesting. vgcharts has the gap at roughly 9k, but we all know how the site operates so it's likely higher than that in the PS4's favor.

Considering it's launch week for tier 2 regions I was fully expecting the xbone to sell more, especially since vgcharts could have easily gotten away with it, but no. And sales in the new regions will dropping back significantly after the launch week, so the PS4 will continue to widen the gap.

At least those people can finally stop saying, "just wait for tier 2 launch". I wonder what the new excuse will be now?

The PS4 truly is a beast. Must be panic mode at Redmond right now.

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chikane3186d ago

Why is the Wiiu selling so bad. and good the ps4 is still on top

superchiller3186d ago

Wii U is a last-gen console, people are mainly focused on the next-gen consoles at this point (PS4/XB1).

Jay70sgamer3185d ago

@Superchiller your comment is last generation .......ps4,xbox1and wii u are current generation consoles

KaladinStormblessed3185d ago

Wii U is current gen. Get your facts straight.

LightDiego3186d ago

PS4 is doing just fine. Looks like Wii U will have a boost this year with Super Smash Bros. But i dunno.

MSBAUSTX3186d ago

May I direct your attention to software sales Globally To Date for Wii U and XB1? People may want to claim the Wii U had a one year head start on other consoles but I was there at launch. There was barely enough games to fill a shoe box for my Wii U for almost a year.

However the Wii U has been able to sell more than 10 million pieces of software more than the XB1 amd more than PS4. That would point to people buying more games for their Wii Us than other consoles regardles of its sales numbers. The bulk of the Wii Us sales have come from the past year not its first year. It only did about 3 million its first year and it hasnt even finished with its second year yet.

Its sales are fine for right now, I remember a time when it was doing 10k and 15k globally. So the fact it is moving towards 8 mil possibly by the end of the year without a new Legit LOZ, Star Fox, or Metroid is incredible. It is especially incredible considering its lack of third party support. It is making money and selling a lot more games than XB1. Believe me it is in no trouble at all.

I have said it before Nintendo doesnt compete with anyone because their games are different. PS4 and XB1 compete with themselves and Nintendo. Right now Sony isnt competing with anyone due to their huge success. XB1 is having to compete with Wii U and PS4 and it is loosing miserably.

The software sales speak volumes as to where people are playing their games the most. With about 2 mil consoles less than Wii U that means that there is almost five more games purchased per 1 of those consoles. All of this success without Hyrule warriors globally released, Smash U, Bayonetta 2, the holidays, then Captain Toad, Splatoon, Yoshis wooly world, new Kirby, x chronicles, Zelda U, new Metroid, and new Star Fox.

I feel there is no further proof needed to show that the Wii U will be just fine for this generation and will be respected as the Game Cube eventually was. It will not be a smash hit like the Wii, but it will not be a failure like the XB1 is seeming to be currently.

superchiller3186d ago

Your post seems like a lot of different excuses/cheerleadering for a console that was clearly not designed to compete in the true current generation (Wii U clearly has more in common with the last-gen consoles than with the PS4/XB1). The simple fact is, Nintendo put a huge emphasis on the gamepad gimmick, at the expense of a much weaker, more feature-lacking base console. Look at the main picture Nintendo uses to promote the console, the gamepad is up front and very obvious, while the Wii U console is almost totally hidden behind it, like an afterthought. They are now paying the price for that poor decision.

Trying to claim that Nintendo "doesn't compete with anyone" is just desperate fanboyism at its worst, and that kind of mentality is exactly why the Wii U is failing. The reality is that gamers in this generation don't want gimmicks, they want genuinely solid hardware that can serve their gaming desires for years to come. Wii U just doesn't deliver in that area, and there's nothing Nintendo can do to change that, until they release it's successor (if they ever do).

TheFallenAngel3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Wait for those tier 2 countries

Evilsnuggle3186d ago

[email protected]

Lol so so funny bubble 4 u funny.

Any minute now x1 will take the lead in console sales . Thank to Zimbabwe,Lithuania and the territories of the Samoan Islands. :/ s

CrazedFiend3186d ago

i AM waiting.

Let me know when the wait is over (-_-)zZzZ

tehpees33186d ago

Microsoft will have nothing to say about it unless Greenberg changes his mind.

snookiegamer3185d ago

Lol that's funny tehpees3!

Yup, it's pretty dang typical of Xbox Fanboys to retract on every silly statement they've made regarding Xbox One 29 Countries, and DX12 destroying PS4.

Retraction is all MS have done since announcing/launching Xbox One, so I'm totally not surprised their Fan-boys are doing it too...

It's part of their DNA...