Destiny And CoD Will Overshadow Too Many Games This Fall

Given so many delays of anticipated games and the fact that two massive shooters are positioned to dominate the holiday season, it seems inevitable.

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FsterThnFTL1495d ago

Not anymore. People are getting tired of yearly COD games, and Destiny turned out to be a major disappointment both according to critics and players.

crusf1494d ago

Not to me and many people I know screw the critics.

NewMonday1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )


only according the the usual bandwagon vocal minority haters

most players and even most of the media are positive about Destiny, these are facts not the shotgun vitriol.

Scatpants1494d ago

I've been having a blast with Destiny, so has everyone I know. Mission diversity certainly could have been better, but I'm sure it will evolve over time.

Roman3mPiRe861494d ago

I disagree. I personally feel Destiny is a better game then what most people say it is. Really not bad for a new ip. Not all great either, definitely room for improvement and that's a good thing.

ramiuk11494d ago

the thing is with destiny its not finished as in its got a timeline.
many games are pretty much the entire release apart from a little DLC maybe.

destiny 1 is planned to last until destiny 2 in 2016.

only haters of destiny are on net lol,im lreally enjhoying it myself (lvl 23 hunter),i just dont have enough friends to play raids.

NewMonday1494d ago

most people say its fun actually, don't let the vocal minority fool you.

HeWhoWalks1494d ago

I haven't heard many "disappointed" players regarding Destiny. Most people I hear from (yes, totally anecdotal), really enjoy it and know it will improve over time (given the type of game it is).

PSN_ZeroOnyx1494d ago

I'll be playing Destiny and Advanced Warfare the remainder of the year and then get many new games next year.

Antifan1494d ago

The problem with Destiny was my misinterpretion of the game itself.
I honestly thought Destiny was similar in scope to Fallout, and not similar to Halo/COD.
I'm really not interested in games that focus only on FPS.

DeadlyOreo1494d ago

Yes. I'm having a blast with Destiny, and I will be picking up Call Of Duty because it looks like a good game. Most people don't find Destiny disappointing, and most people aren't fed up of Call Of Duty (look at sales figures).

C-H-E-F1494d ago

Actually I think it's the other way around. I think all of these games "NEW EXPERIENCES" are coming out that will overshadow Destiny and COD. I personally didn't enjoy Destiny Alpha/Beta so I didn't pick it up. I also haven't purchased COD since Mw2, I know plenty of other people who see the catalog for the fall/winter and say oh im getting this and this and this and I don't hear COD/Destiny in the mix.

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CerealKiller1495d ago

There are not too many other games, most got delayed into 2015.

ArnoDorian1495d ago

Imo, i say AC U will get GOTY 2014, if not, it goes to... Dark Souls II

poppinslops1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Yeah, I second that...

Unity is one of the only games releasing this year that's actually current-gen... Destiny, CoD, Dragon Age, Alien and Titanfall all have to make concessions to their last-gen cousins (Low-res/fps, whatever, they're the SAME GAMES). Not saying they aren't/won't be great, just that their availability limits their potential...

Unity isn't releasing on every frikkin' platform (unlike Watch_Dogs), and they've had years to work on it (pretty sure it was the 'Brotherhood' team that got things started).

Mario-kart, Sunset Overdrive and Assassin's Creed (not to mention the Division, Batman, the Witcher, ect...) are all current-gen exclusives, and I would imagine that at least two of them will be candidates for Game of the Year.

Chuk51495d ago

Advanced Warfare looks good.
I don't know what the GOTY will be this year though.
Could be dragon age, could be far cry, it could be a lot of things.

1495d ago
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