UK survey backs 'single European ratings system'

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "ELSPA has turned up the heat in its row on ratings with the BBFC by publishing research appearing to show that the majority of adults in the UK would support a single age ratings system for videogames that works across Europe.

According to the YouGov findings 67 per cent of the 1990 people questioned preferred the idea of a pan-European format. The only ratings system that fulfils that remit is the publisher-backed system of self-regulation - PEGI - although the recent Byron Report recommended that UK watchdog, the BBFC, take more responsibility from PEGI rather than less.

In a statement, ELSPA pointed out that while PEGI is adopted in over 25 other countries in Europe, "it acts as part of a duel [sic] system that also involves the BBFC at the older end of the scale" - something which the publisher body feels is detrimental to the clarity of communication for consumers. "

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