Star Wars Battlefront Could Be Seeing Hundreds of Units On Screen And Lightsaber Duels

Star Wars HQ writes: Star Wars Battlefront’s development takes an interesting turn, plus it seems more likely than ever we will be getting space battles and lightsaber combat. Also, we give away our good friend R2-D2 to a lucky Star Wars HQ fan!

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crusf1545d ago

Jedi Assualt mode on every map! No... Jedi Assault XL with hundreds of Jedi and Sith locked in combat. Its a cluster fuck but it will be hella fun.

HexxedAvenger1545d ago

O_O nothing like a clusterfuck of lightsabers and laser pew pew. lol I can't wait!

poppinslops1545d ago

Arise, Darth Poppinslops...

ZombieKiller1545d ago

PLEASE?! I would love that!

DFray9191545d ago

people will hate this game when it comes out. no matter how good it is. cause gamers hate Dice.

crazychris41241545d ago

Lets hope the launch for this game is 100x smoother than the bf4 disaster

ZombieKiller1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I won't hate on it....I love Star Wars and a MP SW game would be absolutely amazing if done correctly!
If it's good, I never care who the developer is. I hope for a smooth launch and I pray that some of the bad practices of the company aren't involved. One can wish!

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