Firefox 3 reaches 7 million downloads

Firefox 3 has made an exceedingly successful launch, with downloads reaching 7 million already(only counting official mirrors). The number is also likely to reach 8 million before the first 24 hours pass.

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JsonHenry3775d ago

I don't like the new "wonder bar" or whatever it is called. I want it to be like the old one. Anyone know of an option to change it?

verb3k3775d ago

I like the new bar, it is awesome!
I don't know why some people always hate change...even if it is towards the better.

SCFreelancer3775d ago

The browser does seem quicker, but its to early to say if I like it all. As for the new wonder bar I must say that I don't really like it but I will stick with it for a while to see if I can get used to it and maybe even like it :)

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Wildarmsjecht3775d ago

I downloaded it yesterday. IE was pissing me off when it stopped viewing images correctly. Go FF ftw.

Farsendor13775d ago

my add ons do not work with fire fox 3 nor did the add ons work for 2.0 but the add ons work just fine on my xp pc this one is vista. all i get is this add on will install once firefox is restarted something like that.

anyone know whats wrong with it? 3.0 add ons also work on my xp but not vista.

Xakep3775d ago

Hell at this rate it might reach 10mil in 24 hours.

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The story is too old to be commented.