Early Access Impressions: Gang Beats - Multiplayer Mayhem Takes the Form of Jelly Men | TwoDashStash

Gabe from TwoDashStash writes:

Gang Beasts is a wild local multiplayer brawling game being developed by Boneloaf that is currently available on Steam Early Access. It just picked-up by Double Fine in August as part of Double Fine’s Presents program.

I had the pleasure of trying out Gang Beasts with one of my friends in what started as a bit of madness and confusion but ended in thrilling hilarious intense gameplay. Beasts is a tough game to explain even though it is really quite simple. The objective of the game is to beat your friends into submission and throw them off or into buildings, meat grinders, oncoming trains, etc. While the goal seems simple enough it was no easy task to accomplish. Beasts relies heavily on a form of rag doll combat in which your character is very flexible and seems to be made of some form of tough jello.

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