Diablo Owes Destiny a Huge Thank You

Twinfinite writes "For the latter half of August and the first half of September, 8th generation consoles around the world sung with the sounds of dying demons. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition was the go-to game for the most-recent hardware releases. It wasn't totally perfect but after a drought of major releases even the Sahara Desert would tip its hat to, Diablo 3 was something to do. Every day players would continue their never-ending quest for better gear by beating down upon the minions assembled by the forces of evil. That is until Destiny came along, and the tyrannical Lord of Terror Diablo couldn't be happier about it."

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Codewow1492d ago

I don't really get the point of this article. Does someone care to explain?

In no way did I read anything where Diablo needs to thank Destiny? I only read that Destiny took all the Diablo players. And I must disagree.

idlet1492d ago

benzo52 said it pretty well below: "It is the character Diablo they are refering to.

The tyrannical Lord of Terror Diablo couldn't be happier about it. Because there is less players killing demons in the game."

ITPython1492d ago

Well at least for me one of the reasons I got Diablo 3 was because I liked what the Destiny beta had (in regards to loot, upgrading, MMORPG elements etc) and wanted something to tide me over until September 9th.

Diablo 3 is definitely a lot deeper in regards to the whole loot system, upgrading and whatnot, but they are alike in many ways. For example, both have a throw-away and forgettable storyline. Although somehow Diablo managed to get away with it, but Destiny is crapped on beyond belief for it's weak storyline.

IMO people should have tried out Diablo 3 first before playing Destiny. Because if they didn't like Diablo, then they sure as heck were not going to like Destiny.

Meltic1492d ago

Destiny hasn't taken me. I still play diablo and love it. Destiny i tried and didn't like so much.

Cryptcuzz1491d ago

Everyone has their own tastes in game and I respect that, but since both has the addictive loot to acquire, experiences and abilities to level up, etc. Maybe you don't like FPS games in general?

I still play Diablo 3:UEE as well. Not as much as before, but try to even out my free time for both.

Meltic1490d ago

I like FPS but i cant take too long loading times between missions and when i enter the Tower the loading time is too long. Isnt this next gen ?.

desertpunk861492d ago

every game owes some thing from every other game from the past,borderlands is in debt with diablo and there are rumors that it might go bankrupt.

holdmyown831492d ago

The one time I don't jump to the comments first.

Funantic11492d ago

Pointless article. Diablo owes Destiny nothing. The author of this article owes Diablo an apology.

Mutant-Spud1492d ago

I'm sure Diablo will just hitch up his big boy pants, dry his eyes and move on with his life.

Ravi2012PSN1492d ago

that was hillariois ppl. had a fun time reading it. He wasnt being serious, just funny XD

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