New Glitch Found in Super Mario Bros.

Proving that old games can carry secrets even in the internet age, someone has - allegedly - unearthed a glitch in the 1985 NES classic Super Mario Bros.

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RosweeSon1545d ago

Yeah we were told a couple of months back, around the time the article was posted back in June/July, thanks anyway ;)

Fatty1545d ago

Such insight! Your comment is surely the best of the year and incredibly productive to conversation. You, your family, your friends, and indeed the Internet as a whole should be proud of such incredible thought.

Gravity_DoGG1545d ago

Hey Fatty, Fat again today? Just kidding lol :p

Fatty1544d ago

Rolly & sweaty as always, Gravity_DoGG. Blood pressure's through the roof and cholesterol is clogging the arteries, but my rascal's all gassed up and ready to roll.

rizzardcore1545d ago

Look, RosweeSon and SaffronCurse, it was news to me, and it wasn't a duplicate. Furthermore, it got approved and went to 100 very quickly, so it must be news to others as well.

If I'm in violation of some n4g rule then I will gladly take this down to avoid passive aggressive doucheface comments like these.

fenome1545d ago

It was news to me too, don't let the douchebaggery get you down, they're everywhere. lol

Dark_king1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

this is the original,it never hurts to search for the headline first.Though we all make mistakes.

rizzardcore1545d ago

It usually pops up in the process...not *trying* to repeat content here...thanks for acknowledging it as a mistake and not being a douche about it.

SaffronCurse1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I think people here are abit sensitive about things. Relax, it was just a comment. Before you do post things make sure you read the timestamp of the article.

fenome1545d ago

I used to be able to bounce on a turtle shell on the steps at the end of some level back in the day that would do this. I thought it was so cool, I could have lives that looked like symbols. Damn, it's been a while. lol

rizzardcore1545d ago

Those were the days...I used to die on purpose just to see what all the different symbols looked like!

All_Consoles1545d ago

The minus world is such an epic glitch