Why Doesn’t MGS V Look Like Silent Hills P.T.?

Anybody who’s already played Silent Hills Playable Teaser could attest to the near photo-realistic (if not dead on) graphics on full display in all it’s glory on the PS4. It’ll most likely set the bar in graphics when the full version is finally released, as it may be the best looking game to grace any platform period ever. I mean Silent Hills really, really, really, looks like real life.

It also has been revealed that the legendary Hideo Kojima (Creator of the Metal Gear Solid Series) is at the helm of this iteration. And anybody who knows Kojima’s work and how his brain operates knows that we could be in for a treat — a classic horror game.

So with the knowledge that Kojima is the man behind Silent Hills begs the question, why isn’t his other upcoming game Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain bringing the same graphical quality?

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Snookies121497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

For one, we don't know exactly how open Silent Hills will be. MGS V is a very large open world. Which naturally will have to see some decrease in graphical value in order to run smoothly. Also, MGS V is a cross-gen game, while Silent Hills has the benefit of being current gen only.

Scholla1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

@snookies12 @Torque @Mega I address those theories in the article, read fellas.

"Now the obvious argument that could be made is that MGS V is open-world and Silent Hills P.T. was crammed into this little hallway thus allowing the power of the PS4 to really shine, kind of like how I remember a similar argument was made with the skepticism over the Capcom PS4 exclusive ‘Deep Down’"

Look, I'm already saying what you guys are saying but there has got to be something more to this, because Silent Hills has to come out. So either yall are saying this game will not look like that when it releases or that you don't think it will be open-world or that it just looks better period regardless of art direction and will kick MGS V's butt when it drops lmboooo.

Torque_CS_Lewith1497d ago

I read the article. I do not feel you sufficiently argued against the point.
Let's talk after the full reveal because I doubt the graphics will hold in a more open setting.

The thing is, the way your article reads, it seems you may have a theory. Why not come out and say it instead of beating about the bush for someone to bring it up first.
Go on.

Scholla1497d ago

You do have a good point that it's cross platform. I remember however reading that Kojima was going to do Phantom Pain Exclusively for next gen I guess he changed his mind again.

pornflakes1496d ago

hm.. comparing PT to Silent hill ppl are talking about the open world in MGS5

But if fanboys compare Driveclub to Forza Horizon2 than nobody cares about the open world!?

nagalaga311496d ago

It's because of what Microsoft tried to pull off. And now everyone, except those who bought it of course, hates anything related to the XO.

MysticStrummer1496d ago

If "fanboys" do it then "nobody" cares…?

Think about what you wrote there.


One is Cross-gen with no current-gen tech like tessalation and other stuff and the otehr is PS4 exclusive. Very simple.

Patrick_pk441496d ago

This. It is an open world game with great detail which is demanding as hell. P.T was just a corridor, and barely demanding.

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Torque_CS_Lewith1497d ago

Corridor bound teaser vs open world game. . .really?

Mega241497d ago

is this a serious article? PT only had one Hallway to render, MGSV is an open world game. Still looks incredible than anything out at this point.

Scholla1497d ago

And if you believe that do you believe that the final game will look worst than that demo?

mhunterjr1497d ago

Simply put, rendering an interior is less intensive than rendering an outdoor, open world ... It would take a lot more processing power to make a game like MGSV look like P.T.

CernaML1497d ago

You're seriously comparing an open world action game that runs at 60fps to a corridor bound demo that runs at 30fps....?

WitWolfy1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

First of all P.T isn't even the full potential of the FOX engine according to Kojima. Secondly its a totally different color pallet and has a lot more shadows, thats why!

elninels1496d ago

He said he downgraded the demo so it looked more indie and less AAA. It didnt work. PT is gorgeous. TPP will be gorgeous. Silent Hills will be gorgeous.

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