Gamergate: Angry Feminists, Unethical Journalists Are The Ones Not Welcome In The Gaming Community

The video game community is perhaps the most inclusive, gender neutral and colourblind on the internet. It's also remarkably diverse, producing such offbeat pleasures as My Ex-Boyfriend The Space Tyrant and Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme. So it was a strange choice of target for feminist culture warriors, who heaved ominously into view a few years ago, like the genocidal, psychopathic aliens in Independence Day.

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MRMagoo1233587d ago

Is this satire ? I ask because the title says gender neutral, I can't believe that for a second , I am not female but I play with a few on games like cod and bf , also my entire guild on wow is about 50% or more females, the comments these people receive as soon as someone knows they are female is beyond belief.

TitanUp3586d ago

women are insulted in games but so is everyone else. Idiots take it to far with women though especially when they start sexually insulting them.

LightDiego3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

If you insult a man, you are trolling.
If you insult a woman, you are a sexist.

mixelon3586d ago

I dont think anyone would be complaining if women got equal or similar treatment online to guys. Much of the time they clearly don't.

BlindMango3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

I guess, it depends on where you hang out honestly, if you play Call of Duty and reveal that you're a girl, you're probably going to get a bunch of racist little 5 year olds screaming at you - if you hang in video game forums or games where more adults play or more mature gamers play, you'll usually find a lot of normal people.

Either way, There's always been girls that have played in my circle of friends over the past 6+ years, and I will say that even Call of Duty is better than it was 6 years ago, probably because many more females play those kinds of games now or something like that.

So yeah, it is far more accepting and less stupid than it used to be. You still have those morons who are racist or who are disrespectful to women, but I'd just say to ignore them - or stand up for yourself and trash them harder over the mic, or destroy them in a round of Team Deathmatch, lol. As far as the racist 5 year old kids, there's been no successful cure for them yet, haha

On topic: This is a pretty good article, when you get past the few morons and little kids and find people who have the same goals as you (to win, to earn trophies, to kill a boss, to have fun), you'll be surprised at the far reaching people of many different races, male or female, from around the entire world that you meet. You don't care who they are, their religion, or their political ideas, you just want to play together and have fun and you get to know the person. And that is something truly amazing about gamers that I don't think is realized enough.

mixelon3586d ago

Many around here have a very weird version of reality that's at best rose tinted and at worst completely delusional. "Gamers are the best! Gamers are the most inclusive ever! Let's all pat ourselves on the backs and congratulate ourselves on how accepting we are!"

.. Meanwhile.. Everything. Haha.

It doesn't exactly look like that much of the time, does it?

Spotie3586d ago

It's closer to that delusion than to the den of sexist pigs it's made out to be. And that's really the problem gamers have with all this. Not that the problems exist, but that they're portrayed as the rule, rather than the exception.

Now that one a-hole in the lobby of an online game is speaking for the other dozen when he targets a female gamer. Yet it means nothing when that same guy verbally abuses any other man.

Why is that? Why isn't it called both ways? Isn't there an inherent problem in thinking that way?

mixelon3586d ago

Gaming can be a den of sexist pigs until we stand up and tell each other that's not okay. Just read the posts around here sometimes. You're saying this is an inclusive, respectful environment? Far from it. While people keep acting like morons who don't accept that *anything* could ever be improved they're proving that things ideally could use the change.

"We love women and minorities! We just only accept theim if opinions of they 100% align with ours. Otherwise they can burn in hell! Real feminists don't believe any of this stuff. Men are treated exactly the same way!" And other hilarious bullshit.

People are asking for mutual respect, not the annihilation of male gamers. Nobody called for that. People call for critical thinking and people have a freaking tantrum.

AdultInTheRoom3587d ago

“To the feminist campaigners trying to ruin video games for everyone and a press that refuses to reform itself despite clear evidence of professional failure, gamers have responded with all the heroic defiance of Will Smith delivering a nuke into the mothership — and with just as much style. Through a series of fundraisers and lobbying efforts, as well as polite but firm advocacy on Twitter, they have begun to formulate a coherent intellectual and activist response to those who mystifyingly claim that their games and their culture are both somehow ugly, bigoted and evil. . . . #GamerGate has exposed both the feminist campaigners and even some gaming journalists as completely out of touch with the very reasons people play games. . . . The only group that genuinely isn’t welcome is that small but noisy battalion of social justice warriors, who bring nothing but gloom and despair, and their loyal band of incompetent, unethical bloggers, who are so desperate to advertise their upstanding moral virtue to the sisterhood that they have forgotten to check their consciences. We should resist this new tyranny.”

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

HonestDragon3587d ago

Very well written article. Sums up a lot of the current feelings gamers have about this whole situation and how the gaming press needs to seriously clean up their act.

Aleithian3586d ago

Agreed. It's nice to see this sort of article getting out there. It's been needed for awhile.

DeadRabbits3586d ago

Angry Feminists will have to take my DS4 out of my Cold Dead Hands!

airdragonzz3586d ago

These feminists are getting so ridiculous,I wanna breathe fire on em! Arrr >=)

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1) Hope they put it on disc this time.
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Demons Souls5148d ago

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Was also speaking in general as in regards to a US of Neptune. If these guys are offing a second game, NIS or Atlus, both of whom offer quirkier titles, will put that one out.

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ClownBelt5148d ago

I approve of this god damn message.

Could have gotten my 60 bucks if they just put it on a disc.

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Tripl3seis5148d ago

Another exclusive damnn the ps3 keeps on rollin wit games awesome ;)