Early Hack-Cess: Is Steam Early Access Actually a Good thing?

Joshua Caleb of Gaming Rebellion writes: "It is a strange time for gaming, there have been many shifts and changes in the industry, culture, community and the way they interact. Not the least of these changes is the idea of playing and paying for games before they’re completed. This idea would have been crazy and unthinkable only 5-10 years ago, but here we are, in the age of Early Access."

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rizzardcore1497d ago

This is interesting. I tend to shy away from early access, but I suppose I would buy an early access game if it was something I was 100% sure I was going to buy anyway. I would have bought Shovel Knight on early access, for example.

derikmoore1497d ago

Good article. I'm always leery of early access type things since I got burned once on Kickstarter, but it could definitely be good in the hands of a responsible dev.

FsterThnFTL1496d ago

Some games would not even have been possible if it was not for them to go the Early-Access route, which means more games can be made and that is always a good thing.

hkgamer1496d ago

its a good concept but too many abusers. no guarantee of getting a ful release and could be buggy as hell. hopefully we will not gett his crap on consoles.

SteamPowered1496d ago

Full-on console releases are full of bugs too. Early access isnt the only guilty party.
Early access and pre-orders just arent for this cowboy. Im more than willing to wait till the game goes gold.

edqe1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

No one is forcing you buy them before they are being finished. Wait for the final release and if the game is bad, don't buy it.

hkgamer1495d ago


not as many bugs as early access games. i dont buy them, but what i have been told by friends is that they are terrible and clearly unfinished. you could possibly wait another yr or 2 and its still hasnt improved much.


thats true and i still think early access is a good concept, just gets abused thats all.

hkgamer1496d ago

judging from what ive heard about early access, its just an excuse for devs to release a half complete game, get money and then judge if its actually work completing the game.
similar to buying a beta that never actually becomes a full game and can get away with releasing a buggy mess.

its a good concept but is abused.

edqe1496d ago

An excellent concept and works well. Early Access and Kickstarter has made many games possible we wouldn't have ever got otherwise. Publishers are targeting their games for casual gamers which has pretty much killed many great genres.

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