Sunset Overdrive Was Originally ‘The Insomniac Version of DayZ’

Sunset Overdrive wasn’t always the over-the-top action game it once was, Game Director Drew Murray told IGN -- in its earliest form, in fact, the Xbox One exclusive was a more realistic survival game like DayZ.

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gangsta_red1494d ago

I'm glad they changed it and made it something a lot more ridiculous and light hearted.

Dlacy13g1493d ago

It plays to Insomniacs strengths too which are comedic writing and fun crazy weapons.

SoapShoes1493d ago

Glad they were able to find a core they could build upon. Alas I won't be able to play it since I don't have an Xbox One. I hope down the line it comes to PS4 but if not my roommate has an X1. I'll have to buy it on the store because his came with a bad disc drive out of the box.

This will be the game to show if Insomniac still has it. Spyro, Ratchet, Resistance were all good and Resistance ended it on a high note with 3 but Fuse was bad... Perhaps EA's fault...

VealParmHero1493d ago

why wouldn't he just have MS ship him a new one ad still use the old one while he waits, then ship the old one back and he will have a working hard drive.

And yes, fuse was bad. It felt like a cheap 3rd party attempt...a little strange coming from a studio like insomniac.

BitbyDeath1493d ago

There is a chance it will go multi-platform in future as Insomniac do retain the rights to the IP.

They are of course locked in a contract with MS and will not be able to announce any plans until the contract has ended though.

TongkatAli1493d ago

I want a Xbox One just for this game, PS4 and Xone are going to be friends in my house for sure

Transporter471493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I am still sad that I do not get to play this on my ps4 as an Insomniac supporter since the first ratchet and clank. I bought all of them on my ps2, all of them on my ps3, and I loved the Resistance resistance series which of course i also bought all of them. I can spout out all day about how unhappy it makes me, but I do not have the money or time to buy another console for one game. I just do not see anything besides this title that interests me at the moment. Everything on the PS4 just looks like too much to even keep up. I wish I had time to play all day everyday then I could get an XOne and enjoy some of their exclusive titles. Oh time where has thou gone?? : (

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