Videogamer: NASCAR 09 Review

Videogamer writes: "For the majority of us Brits NASCAR is that motor sport where you only turn left. That might be a completely ignorant view of the sport that seems to be hugely popular in the US, but that's what happens when most of our knowledge stems from the movies Days of Thunder and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. EA has a tricky job on its hands marketing NASCAR 09 over here, and we've had an even trickier time reviewing it. As we discovered though, there's more to NASCAR than turning left.

What this review won't tell you is how accurate the representation of the sport is. We simply don't know. All we can do is rate it on how enjoyable it is as a driving game, and it's surprisingly decent. You do, as previously mentioned, spend a lot of your time turning left, racing around oval circuits that appear to have little to no skill requirements of the drivers, but that's discounting the fact that NASCAR is a motor sport where overtaking and bumper to bumper racing is still present - something F1 is severely lacking."

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