Indie, Square Enix, Capcom PlayStation Store Sales Start Today

After discounting many of their RPGs a short while back, Square Enix is offering discounts on many other titles in their catalogue this week on the PlayStation Store.

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JonnyBigBoss1545d ago

I know Murdered Soul Suspect wasn't well received, but I kind of feel like trying it at that price.

ftwrthtx1545d ago

May have to take a break from Destiny and GT6.

Foolsjoker1545d ago

Sales, I love sales! My wallet on the other hand...

Muzikguy1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

This is strange. That last SquareEnix sale was bs! Now this one is actually a sale worth the name "sale". Then we have Capcom that isn't worth the word "sale" this time. I wouldn't buy any of those Capcom games at those prices

colonel1791545d ago

I am only interested in Tomb Raider Definite Edition, but since the game went timed exclusive to Xbox One, and I won't be able to play the sequel until god knows when, I guess I won't be buying it.

bigpiece1545d ago

lmao just read your comment again it sounds so juvenile. Grow up the gaming industry is a business and the fact that your this upset about the timed exclusivity deal is ridiculous

Paprika1545d ago

Woah.... woah.... WO....OH.... woahhhhh......calm down. He's perfectly entitled to feel this way. Would you watch an episode from a series if somehow the next episode was never allowed to be seen by you? Its justified to feel this way IMO.

The argument regarding the exclusivity which took overvthe internet was stupid, shit happens! Butt his reason was justified!

Clogmaster1545d ago

Imagine you watch a season of a TV show.

Next season is not available until you get another cable provider on top of the existing one.

There is no way to access the next season without this cable provider.


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