Will the Next Battlefield 4 Expansion Save the Series and Bring Back Futuristic Warfare?

Gastón, from Twinfinite, states his thoughts on the few futuristic issues reavealed for the upcoming BF4 expansion and how this may determine the future of the series

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GoPanthers9991494d ago

Cool, may have to try it out.

Glgh1494d ago

Yeah, even if our illusions crash and burn. At least we'll know we can't trust EA in the most definite and painfull way.

venom061494d ago

Ha! No the expansion won't "save" the franchise... Franchise is just fine from the work done in the CTE.. But since most of N4G are CoD fanboys, they probably have no idea what the CTE is..

desertpunk861494d ago

there's nothing futuristic about the upcoming dlc is just a very light tribute to BF2142 keep up or get out.

there will be no BF2143 sequel because of star wars batllefront i think battlefield hardline could be the last battlefield in the next 3-5 years.

crazychris41241494d ago

I was thinking the same thing. How can they release Bf 2143 in the next 2 or 3 years if Battlefront is coming next year

Burnin1494d ago

sure? Like 100% sure?

like they said there was no Megalodon? I mean... who knows? Not you for sure

When BF2142 came out no one was really expecting it... DICE just released it and people started calling it a BF2 mod.

My point is... why would DICE boder making a 2142 themed DLC?

HaMM4R1494d ago

I'd love to see some form of titan mode in SW:BF. Like launching up EMP's into space to lower the star destroyers shields then having to board it and destroy it. Sounds great to me. I think the chances of them releasing a whole new title (full release not arcade) is minimal as its likely that SW:BF would be fairly similar in terms of gameplay and they probably won't want to run 2 games of the same type. Look what happened to MoH.

Lionsguard1494d ago

I've been DYING for a sequel to 2142.

meatysausage1494d ago

They need to revisit 2142 or even a new 1942 with the scale and craziness that
battlefield 3/4 has. That would be amazing.
Im wondering why either COD or Battlefield hasnt gone back to the WW2 setting?

Reaper29r1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Dear god I hope so. If they were to make a 2142 sequel, between that and battlefront all my free time would disappear lol. @Desertpunk I disagree. BF 2142 was only slightly futuristic were as SW is pure sci-fi. We don't have drop pods, titans, or hovertanks. But we already have stuff that behaves similar. We have Ospreys, F35s with their crazy Halo style helmet HUDs, F22s going from full speed to dead stop and hover, remote controlled turrets, bendable self targeting assault rifles, soldier protective eye wear with a HUD and wrist mounted bendable computers linked to the HUD, the navy is making a real ship based rail gun, army is still testing exo suits and their 6 legged non human controlled war walker to replace things like strykers and bradleys. It's already done a 150 mile all terrain course on its own with no human control. Through my time in the military I've seen the first 4 in action first hand and others through combat expos. Like you said man, keep up or GTFO lol take your own advice bruh ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.