Zoe Quinn On Cracked - "5 Things I learned As The Internets Most Hated Person"

Zoe Quinn wrote an article on Cracked today, detailing how she became “The Internets most hated person.” Putting aside big game releases and the reviews that follow them, it’s hard not to notice that the recent big stories in the video game industry have been based around Zoe Quinn.

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Riggans421519d ago

I'd argue that there are people more hated than she is. The president is pretty hated by every single right winger.

Steve1billion1519d ago

Your statement, it's very true.

Abash1519d ago

Yeah, Barbara Walters is dying to be *the* one to get the coveted interview with Zoe Quinn over the scandal that rocked the internet....... <_<

Hardly anyone knows or cares about that whole mess that she got herself into, and as someone who visits N4G daily, I wasn't interested enough in the controversy to even be sure what exactly happened. The only people who hate her or know about her are a miniscule, but vocal, minority.

ShinMaster1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

She just can't get enough attention for herself apparently, can she.

The topic had shifted away from her almost two months ago and into gaming journalism ethics. It was never all about you, Zoe.

"I'm so over it and want it all to end but I'm gonna stir the pot some more and call my self the most hated person on the internet"

Ghoul1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

that random internet troll doesnt interest me, and probalby 99.99% of the internet users in the slightest, i go even further, that not more than 10.000 people even read about her and out of those probably only a few hundred took the time out of boredemness to reply.

actually i care more about a bag of rice in china.

i think that person has a serious twist in perception.

go see a therapist this isn't healthy.
just some random person with a serious inferiority complex, really go see a therapist

Steve1billion1519d ago

That's the thing, it was never really all about her, it was about ethics in the industry as ShinMaster said previously. She just needs to let it end.

Bimkoblerutso1518d ago


Unfortunately it will never be about the actual issue.

Zoe and the rest of the devs get media attention that "gamers" are just incapable of getting, so they're free to mold and manipulate this debate any way they see fit. Because when you go up against a group as broad and vague as "gamers," there is no shortage of crazy assholes online that are willing to give you ammunition. Sure, they don't represent "gamers" in the least, but who the hell cares about THAT!? Gamers hate women, by god!

DragonKnight1518d ago

On the GamerGate tag, we've taken to calling her #LiterallyWho to show just how irrelevant she is to anything. She wanted to get out of this so much that she changed her name on Twitter to Dr. LiterallyWho.

So for someone that hates GamerGate so much, has said up, down, left, right and center so many times that she just wants to get passed it and "make games", she CONSTANTLY tries to re-insert herself all the time.

She's got some mental problems. Narcissism, sadism, probably so much more and none of it is depression. Someone suffering from depression doesn't typically act the way she does.

But she's taking gross liberties with the self-flattery if she thinks she's even close to being "the internet's most hated person."

Ghoul1518d ago

"She's got some mental problems. Narcissism, sadism, probably so much more and none of it is depression. Someone suffering from depression doesn't typically act the way she does.

i can second that, as i have a serious case of depression in my family,

she has serious issues

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WeAreLegion1519d ago

The president's approval rating is pretty low across the board right now, right or otherwise. I wouldn't want to be the president during these times. The media controls the public's perception of you.

TongkatAli1519d ago

The President is a puppet and call me a conspiracy theorist, but follow the money trail, tell me what country we give 3 billion dollars of our tax money and control most of the banks around the world.

Obama is a shit president because it's apart of the plan and thinking there is a right side and left, Democrat, Republican, they got you fing fooled, it's all one team and they're following the plan.

Spotie1518d ago

" me a conspiracy theorist..."

Done and done. Hard to be a good President when you have the least productive Congress in... well, in the 30 years I've been alive, at the least.

Anyway, she's far from the internet's most hated person. But her believing that is part of the problem we all have with her. She's just too full of herself. That's an issue with a lot of the "feminists" in gaming, though. They think too highly of their opinion, and believe themselves to be more important than they are.

Doesn't help that they're also intentionally twisting things out of proportion to make problems out of thins that are not.

annoyedgamer1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

The president is disliked by anyone who has a functioning brain. Don't divert the conversation with uneducated political talk. This is about attention mongering by feminists in the gaming industry, let's keep it that way.

3-4-51518d ago

Once again, trying to make this about her, instead of Ethics & Integrity......proving she has none, in the process.

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Hendrickson1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I doubt she is the most hated in the world. That's overrated to call yourself that. For one I don't hate her, why would I? I don't even know her.

randomass1711519d ago

Probably because you have better and more significant things to worry about.

Cryptcuzz1519d ago

I agree, one can't really hate someone unless they knew them personally. What I do want blown up though is video games journalism.

qwerty6761519d ago

not even going to read that article

who cares what this chick has to say?

Godmars2901519d ago

There is literally nothing *to* read. The link is broken.

MrPink20131518d ago

Has she ever denied or admitted all the allegations against her? Sorry but I haven't been following this too much as I actually don't really care but am interested in how she defended herself in all of this.

Godmars2901518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I'm speaking in specific regards to this currently 250 degree submission - IT IS LINKED TO ***NOTHING***!

Quinn's pile of crap is on Cracked, is being shot down or at least questioned in its comments section, but the "original" article is not there. Just a cloud server notice.

If we are going to claim to be more mature and less narcissistic than SJW, at the obsolete least we need to do more than hate-circle jerk to a bad submission.

This needs to be either fixed or closed.

SteamPowered1519d ago

Wait, isnt Roger Goodell the Most Hated person right now? Twitter seems to think so.

Steve1billion1519d ago

Zoe Quinn doesn't seem to agree.

XtraTrstrL1519d ago

She sees the stories about to start dying down about her, so this is her revving it back up to get attention back on her.

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