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Mike Suskie says: "Bungie asks us to invest dozens of hours in exploring a flat world steeped in clichés, interacting with a community that barely exists and toying with RPG elements that seem to have phoned in sick."

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Neixus1497d ago

To be honest, this game isn't a 5/10, as the games mechanic is really good, all the issues with the game can be patched in.

as of now, i think a 6 or 7 fits the game, as the gunplay is really well made, but i believe the game can rise higher in score as the content patches come. Such as raids.

Alicornium1497d ago

...uh-huh. Yeah. "Really good fun" apparently can't make a game good these days...

TKCMuzzer1497d ago

It's more than a 5 out 10, I've played many a 5/10 and they don't come close to Destiny. It seems many are reviewing the game against their expectations of Bungie rather than reviewing the game.

Quite a few are loving it judging by the hrs they have put in, plus the game is better with friends.

Tedakin1497d ago

I was in the camp that the game is a 6. Over the week I've started enjoying it more and more. It's an amazing product, they just utterly dropped the ball on a lot of things. But it's no 5... Come on. 7-8 minimum.

Pintheshadows1497d ago

I am with you. I was thinking a six until I got to Venus and the missions started getting a bit more interesting. I think the more vibrant locale may have helped along with the mission length.

Now I am beyond 20 I am enjoying it a hell of a lot more than I was. The story (if you can call it that) didn't grip me in the slightest through the first 20 levels. Mainly because it isn't really there.

I am however greatly enjoying the tougher raids and grinding for light. It definitely has issues that I hope Bungie addresses (the lack of an in game version of the Grimoire is the biggest one for me) but it is good. And it keeps me coming back.

I don't really like handing out numbers but in its current state I think a 7 is fair. That to me suggests it is good but needs work to make it great.

1497d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.