10 million PS4 sales say Pachter is wrong about consoles ‘going away’

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "this is one of those topics that I just can’t agree with Pachter on. Not when every bit of evidence seems to suggest the opposite being true. 10 million PS4s. 5 million Xbox Ones. Combined sales of the two are over 70 percent greater than those of their predecessors (PS3 and Xbox 360) at the same point in their respective launch, which at the time of the NPD’s August 2014 report was 10 months on the market."

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Codewow1519d ago

Pachter is usually wrong anyways, so why do we give this guy any of this air time? He feeds on the whining of the internet. He's a troll that gets paid.

vishmarx1519d ago

patcher is the king of 'facts out of a**' land.
he needs publicity and were giving it to him

darthv721518d ago

the "console" as we know it may evolve into something else. something that can do double duty as a mobile device and home unit.

while i do not agree with the idea that consoles are going away, i do believe in the idea that they will transition into something more.

It takes the right company to research in bridging that gap of full size power but be in the palm of your hand. Its getting there and companies like sony have shown it can work but needs some serious refinement to make it sustainable.

redwin1518d ago

But, didn't Sony said the same? It was worded differently. "PS will change to a pay service" remember? They said that after they bought a company to stream video games. Soon they'll only gave a device hooked to the tv receiving info. And im sorry to say, it'll be all digital. And I'm sorry, the last hand held I bough was the psp . How is the ps vita, is it all digital? Because if it is, that's the Trojan hourse .

theXtReMe11519d ago

I agree with the OP.. He's an attention whore that says things to spark controversy, to keep his name in the news. No different than a celebrity trying to keep themselves relevant.

badboyz091518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Pachter is a Microsoft Puppet.

AngelicIceDiamond1519d ago

Can't help but to think Pachter doesn't look at facts or considers logic very well.

Which is probably why hes wrong half the time. This is a shining example of Pachter's ignorance. The PS4 is at 10 mill. How the hell are consoles going away with that many PS4 sales?

That's the kind of blind Pachter thinking I'm talkin about.

Logic backed by facts clearly don't click with Pach.

Eonjay1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

As an interesting side note to this, Patcher once said that he doesn't get paid for making accurate predictions, he rather gets paid for making "projections" and then interpreting the results.

So, he gets paid to make retrospective analysis....

BitbyDeath1518d ago

I agree, should just ban him and VGChartz while we are at it.

Evilsnuggle1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Most of the times I agree with Michael Pachter. Because most of the time he speaks just common sense . But this time mikey is way off. Console will stop being sold when people stop buying them. Look at the sales of PS4 . The PS4's is the fastest selling game console of all times. That tells you that the console market is health.

I actually think that the console market is growing. Because of the popularity of games on smartphones and tablets. More people and more children are coming in contact with games on smartphones and tablets. That gets more people interested in video games. Sony and Nintendo have mostly made a profit off games and consoles . Why would they stop selling game consoles. Yes if something comes out better than game console then game console will die. But there is nothing like it right now.

When is new technology coming to replace game console. 60 years ago people thought we would have flying cars and robot servants. But technology has not advanced that much as it was expected to.

Death1518d ago

Hardware sales are very high and software sales are very low. For the business to be healthy and have a future, software sales need to be much better.

I normally don't agree with Pachter, but it is clear cloud based computing is the future. Sony is pushing this as hard if not harder than Microsoft. The ability to play PS4 games on a Bravia this fall is a game changer. Progress will move on and it looks like in the all digital future "gamer rights" are a thing of the past. The reveal is becoming more of a joke every day.

Spotie1518d ago

Your comments are becoming more of a joke every day.

BitbyDeath1518d ago

GTAV breaking global software sales = low ???
Go home, you are drunk

Death1518d ago

"console and handheld software sales lowest since May 2000" May 2013

"The big drop was due lackluster software numbers" Jan 2014

"Software sales are said to be lower than last year by 67 percent." June 2014

"NPD Reports Strong Gaming Console Sales For July; Dip In Software Sales" July 2014

Not seeing a trend here in software sales? Every month NPD pretty much says the same thing. Hardware is up, software is down. GTA had excellent sales, but that is one game and not representative of the trend we have been seeing in software for a couple years now.

As for the rest of my statement, Sony is offering games "free" to Plus members via download that are not actually ours to keep. PSNow is offering games via streaming as rentals. The new line of Bravias are coming equipped with the ability to access PSNow without a console and we have seen Sony's VP of Network Entertainment Eric Lempel state that Sony plans on streaming PS4 games as part of PSNow.

I would love to hear both of your responses on this information since you obviously missed it or have serious reading comprehension deficiencies.

Tony-A1518d ago


All those links you mentioned don't hold up in the grand scheme of things. What you failed to realize is that each one of those articles are within the expected major drops in software sales.

Your first was from May 2013.... Just as new consoles were announced. They talk about the lowest since May 2000.... When new consoles were hitting the market. Software always declines at the beginning and end of each generation.

Your other links - Big drop in January, months after new console launches, both with very small lineups with little appeal. Next two are during summer months, which are notoriously dry for games, and it's only worse on summers like this... the first summer for these two new consoles.

"Hardware is up, software is down."

Typical for the industry when between generations. Sure, some unexplained dips might pop up here and there, but the industry is doing just fine - games are alive and healthy. Keep in mind that there are records being broken every year for games purchase via download.

Not so much a trend as it is a cycle.

Death1518d ago


2005 and 2006 were record breaking years for software sales.
"With the shift to the new generation of consoles finally complete, there's little left to discuss about the transitional year aside from how well the industry weathered it. The industry-tracking NPD Group today released its US retail gaming sales results for December and for the entirety of 2006, and the figures showed a record sales year and growth almost across the board."

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badboyz091518d ago

Pachter is Microsoft Puppet,

DefenderOfDoom21518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

The question i have for the author of this article , what does 10 million PS4 sales, have to do with consoles coming out in the year 2028? PACHTER believes that consoles will sell strong for 2 more generations !
I think people just see the name MICHAEL PACHTER , and hate on him , without actually reading what he said.

3-4-51518d ago

"Money Guys" don't know jack about Video Games.

Their ego makes them think their little bit of work knowledge, somehow applies everywhere.

bunfighterii1518d ago

Pachter's point was more about the technology moving to a point where you don't need to get a box that plugs into your tv to get a console experience, no?

I think its more a 'pace of tech' argument, not to say MS and Sony will abandon gamepad + tv style gaming.

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Riggans421519d ago

Isn't this the same guy that said PC is dying and consoles are thriving a few months back?

Codewow1519d ago

What hasn't this man said?

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081519d ago

For real! i wish i can throw poop at him.
He's a annoying old prune!

Axonometri1518d ago

Funny, someone on this site says he wants to throw poop at someone and he gets agree votes. I simply say "go away" because I'm tired of the sexism crap and I get voted off as immature.

Poop throwing = Good show
Go Away = immature

Geekman1518d ago

Something smart and well thought out.

Starbucks_Fan1518d ago

Could we just ban Pachter articles from this site?

kingdom181518d ago

Why? We need our giggles once and a while.

mark3214uk1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

but everytime we view his vids to giggle he gets paid lol

he is a t**t

bsmith611518d ago

Still don't know why this guy gets any attention, he's full of shit the majority of the time.

hello121518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I don't think he meant right this minute. Future technologies are emerging all the time and cloud gaming is likely to get bigger in the future and we might not need to buy a 500 dollar console to play games.

You don't even need a disk anymore to play games and years ago playing games digitally was unheard of.

The profits are not that big, Sony sold 10 million, but they probably made back 10 or less dollars from each one made. Same for Microsoft. The real money is made with games and advertising.

[email protected] Not the same thing downloading a game with no need for a disk is not a new thing its only in the last 5 years or more it started happening.

And like i said Sony and Microsoft would gladly stopping making consoles if they could get games to customers cheaper. The profits are small not huge.

MRMagoo1231518d ago

playing games digitally has been around for a long long long time, I used to type out pages of commands for my amstrad in the 80s , the game I made was digital only.

MasterCornholio1518d ago

"And like i said Sony and Microsoft would gladly stopping making consoles if they could get games to customers cheaper."

Well in many cases (actually the majority) buying a retail copy of a game is cheaper than buying a digital copy on consoles. Once digital becomes much cheaper than retail that's when people will start switching over. Over many people (like myself) just like having physical copies at home. Call me old fashioned but I like collecting disks.

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