PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U Lifetime Sales – August 2014 Update

"Looking at the total sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U shows how quickly the PS4 has taken the lead. The PS4 has always been ahead of the Xbox One and it surpassed the Wii U in February of this year. The PS4 passed the 10 million mark this month, the Wii U the 7 million mark and the Xbox One the 5 million mark. The PS4 has sold 10.19 million units lifetime, the Xbox One 5.13 million units, and the Wii U 7.13 million units.

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 10,191,770

Xbox One Total Sales: 5,131,517

Wii U Total Sales: 7,130,356"

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Foehammer1583d ago ShowReplies(15)
Geobros1583d ago

Wii U > xbox? That is really impressive!!

trunkswd1583d ago

The Wii U has a 12 month head start. The gap will more than likely shrink a bit in September due to Destiny and releasing in a bunch of more countries.

randomass1711583d ago

Destiny's staying power belongs to PS4. Plus there is Smash Bros. to consider.

trunkswd1583d ago

Yes Destiny will help the PS4 the most, however it will help boost Xbox One sales as well. Also Smash Bros. doesn't come out for the Wii U for a couple more months.

mandf1583d ago


Ps fans said that all last gen but it was an invalid excuse to some.

ABizzel11583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

The Wii U had a 4 million lead against the XBO, which has now dropped down to 2 million.

At best Nintendo holds on to second place by the end of 2015, but eventually the XBO will surpass them. Nintendo can hold them off longer if they have win the price battle (meaning $250 Wii U by March, before XBO can drop to $329 - $349), and keep pumping out exclusives, but the final outcome is almost inevitable unless Amiibo kicks things off massively for that market.

Paprika1583d ago

Wii u has far more reasons to continue to sell. Xbox is at a cross roads IMO, a great console tarnished by quite a few things. It might change, its got some great games ahead for it. But Nintendo can shift over 1million copies of smash bros on 3ds, soon on the Wii u. Then you have Mario, metroid, Zelda, xenogears and much more. Might not be your preference in games, but if these are multiple million selling titles, Wii u is safe. I haven't doubted Nintendo once tbh, infact disregard sales, they are the strongest console this gen due to reasons to own a console.

MSBAUSTX1583d ago

Hyrule warriors, smash brothers, bayonetta 1/2, plus MK8 Bundle still selling and amiibo coming out all in time for the holidays. XB1 has Destiny with almost 75 percent of players playing it on PS4, and Master Chief Collection.

Maybe Sunset Overdrive will move units but it is releasing against Those listed Nintendo games. Wii U has increased sales over the last year and has more games coming to boost it where the XB1 has been declining since its post release peak. The Wii U will still be cheaper and offer more games and more new games durring the Holiday sales as well.

Needless to say, it will be another 1.5 to two years before XB1 catches up to Wii U sales and that doesnt include how much the new Star Fox, Legend Of Zelda, and possible Metroid will propell sales even further.

S2Killinit1583d ago

True. But last gen people would sort of forget about that. Even though the gap in sales was much smaller the 1 year head start was sort of kept on a down low

Muerte24941583d ago

Xbox One is tracking below the Wii U worldwide. Sorry but close the if you're still being outsold by the competition. I understand the whole "12 year head start" argument, but you assume it would have outsold the Wii U by now.

jebabcock1583d ago

So.... has no one noted that the xb1 released in more markets it's first year than the 360 did... The 360 sold 7 million in its first year did it not?

Isn't it a little behind last gen pace? Not sure it will move 2 million unit's in less than 2 months.

trywizardo1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

agree 100% . @randomass i think every gamer know that destiny is also for X1 so its not like an exclusive to push the sales for one console , beside the reviews will make its sales slower .
it was a huge disappointment just like WD was ...
edit : wait are people started trusting VGchartz again ???

morganfell1583d ago

It is vgchartz and that is the very pedigree of incorrectness and lies. The PS4 passed 10 million well over a month ago. Sales in the US alone in that time since have been over 200k. Now add in the rest of the world and as usual that kid in his basement that runs vgfud is under tracking the PS4... again.

vgfud also ignores the fact that MS numbers are shipped versus Sony's which are sold through.

There is a reason n4g allows this trash to be published when it has been banned by every common sense (and not) website on earth.

BG115791583d ago

This is like comparing the 360 numbers with the PS3 numbers.
The 360 also had 8 month or so of head start. Yet for some persons, it was irrelevant when comparing global sale numbers between the two.

bouzebbal1583d ago

it's about the long run. Gap may shrink in september but will widen like crazy when Smash Bros and Bayonetta 2 hit the shelves.
I am glad i own both PS4 and Wii U. They are very complementary! Of course PS3 is still running full speed at home!

TheAmazing_OMEGA1582d ago

yeah but remember all the titles The Big N has coming out this fall, especially smash bros.

shloobmm31582d ago

I imagine the heavy hitter for this year will be the Master Chief Collection. Once that hits I imagine the gap will close quickly.

Septic1582d ago

Wow have I entered the twilight zone where vgchartz is being taken seriously here? :O

Either way, good to see the Wii U doing well. It'll only get better from now on.

I suspect that the X1 will overtake it soonish though; maybe tail end of 2016? Not sure to be honest. We'll see.

XB1_PS41582d ago

VGchartz is there source. Notoriously inaccurate information.

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SilentNegotiator1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

What's impressive about a system selling a mere 2 million more with an additional TWELVE months under its belt?

I'm pretty sure even VITA can manage selling 2 million in a year.

deafdani1583d ago

The majority of the Xbox One sales came at launch. Something to consider.

EliteGameKnight1583d ago

I seem to notice this is the ongoing trend, Wii U does well, people acknowledge it. So what's the best course of action: point out it's a year older.

I won't deny that it had a slow year, a lot of consoles have, but it isn't really necessary to point that out every time somebody starts to feel good about their purchase. It just seems foolish to me.

Concertoine1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )


While I agree that its current position is all that's important from a consumer perspective, in a strict sales comparison it's unfair to not bring up the head start it had, regardless of whether or not Nintendo made use of that year.

GenericNameHere1583d ago

The Vita's at 10M+, and had an 11 months headstart (Vita release in Japan in December 2011, Wii U in NA in Nov 2012). The Vita has sold more than 2M units/year! :D Vita means life, of course

And? Didn't the Wii U sell 3M+ in it's first few months? 3M in 4 months, yet has only sold 7M in 21 months. Doesn't that mean the Wii U also sold majority of its sales at launch?

Feel good about their purchase because it's selling decently? They should fell good about their purchase because they like it, not because it's selling. It's not the consumers' fault if a console/game doesn't sell, it's the console maker's/publisher's fault.

Also, it's a good argument. Shouldn't it sell more because it was sold a year earlier?

Antifan1583d ago

Majority of Xbox sales came from launch. That's because only the Xbox fanboys bought the xbox1.
Causal gamers, fanboys, and game lovers bought the PS4.

LCEvans1582d ago

@Antifan "gamelovers boughts PS4" are you really that childish, grow up!

SilentNegotiator1582d ago

"Majority of Xbox sales came from launch"

Xbone had a better launch (first 2 months) than Wii U (~3m to ~2.3m) and was only outsold by Wii U in the months of May, June, and July (and July was neck and neck). Xbone is selling at a MUCH better pace than Wii U.

*based on VGChartz, but they steal official/better numbers in the long run anyway.

Movieworld1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Wii U is outselling Xbox end of chat

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GenericNameHere1583d ago

The Wii U selling is GREAT! But to say the Wii U beating the Xbox One, despite having a 12 months head start, is "impressive!!"? Well, I only have one response for this.

Vita > Wii U? That is really impressive!!

I'm not trying to downplay the "success" of the Wii U. I'm just trying to say that this isn't anything really impressive. In fact, it should spell negligence, as Nintendo did nothing to make sure those 12 months meant something.

Tiqila1583d ago

Of course you have to consider the head start of the Wii U (though it was a very slow one) when comparing total sales numbers, but if you look at the monthly sales, there have been several months (may, june, juli) where the Wii U was outselling the XBO.

I would never hang myself out of the window and say that therefore the Wii U is the better selling console, but the monthly sales between Wii U and Xbox One have been very similar recently (thats why their plots run parallel).

That combined with the awesome amount of upcoming Wii U exclusive titles could mean that XBO has a tough competition in the Wii U and I would not be surprised if the Wii U gains new momentum.

Obviously the XBO might gain new support, too, with Masterchief Collection and other great titles in the pipeline.

I don't know, these are just numbers. Each console seems to have its pro and contras, but for me atm the Wii U is my most favourite console.

Tedakin1583d ago

Yeah impressive with a one year lead. If they came out the same time Xbox would be crushing it.

SpinalRemains1381583d ago

WiiU is doing the crushing, and if Woody had gone to police.........

If If If If

madjedi1583d ago

Really a 2 million lead is crushing, so that means the wiiu is getting crushed by the ps4 at 3 million+.

It's amazing how many people conveniently ignore how fast ms and sony have built up an install base in under a year, vs nintendo almost 2 years.

A year head start mattered last gen, whenever ps3 and 360 fans argued sales, exactly how does that not apply to the wii u.

I really think people are overestimating nintendo's brand appeal and underestimating ms's brand to the masses.

I can't see any rational reason that ms will stay in 3rd and nintendo 2nd in sales, the people touting wii u's superior sales in the us.

Clearly are not reading npd threads on neogaf, because the xb1 typically does 1.5-2x the sales of the wii u in na. Minus the kinectless sku announcement then sales cratered that month.

Wii u did 60k in na last month despite mario kart being released, and yet people still believe the wii u will retain it's 2nd place position throughout most of the gen.

Some of you people are delusional.

wonderfulmonkeyman1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

No it wouldn't.
If they had come out at the same time, the wii u's launch lineup would have been massive in comparison to the xbone, which would have only widened the gap.
Taking into account how quickly wii u's sales dropped off a cliff and stayed low after that initial early adopter boost, it's pretty easy to see that that year head start is not the reason why the wii u currently has more units sold world wide.

Gamer19821583d ago

Erm whats wrong with these charts is Xbox had at last announcement not sold through 5 million (meaning only sold 5 million to stores) and Sony had sold through 10 million. Even if we pretend Xbox sold 5 million at the point Sony hit 10 million. Sony has been outselling the Xbox one 4-1 worldwide since it hit 10 million so how is xbox one only 60k behind (knocking off the 10 and 5 million). VGcharts the king of fabrication and this just proves it for all those none believers. This isn't a shot at MS who right now is actually selling the xbox one faster to date than it sold the 360. MS is no doubt happy with sales.

3-4-51583d ago

FACT: They are ALL on healthy INCLINES.

avengers19781582d ago

Too bad this is from VGCharts. Everyone knows they don't have the right numbers.

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ftwrthtx1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

After seeing the empty lines when the Xbox One went on sale in Japan, one has to wonder if they'll ever catch the WiiU.

LOL_WUT1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I have no doubt that the X1 will close the gap and take second spot regardless of how that happens they'll get there eventually ;)

MysticStrummer1583d ago

It will need to outsell WiiU consistently for that to happen, not just when a big game like Halo releases.

ABizzel11583d ago

There's no question about it really, it's just when. They've slowly been chipping away at Nintendo's lead down to 2m from 4m. Nintendo has a good line-up heading into 2015 and with a price drop to $250 they can keep their lead through 2015, but eventually MS is going to catch them with the Halo 5 + COD November their 360 fans have been waiting on (a good portion of which is going to join this November, but Smash should help combat it).

Concertoine1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Its hard for me to say which one will come second. The Xbox One has a lot less selling potential as a secondary console than the Wii U, but also less potential as a primary console than the PS4. If MS or Nintendo could stumble upon the next big game (Goldeneye, Halo) that would guarantee their position at second.

Also depends on how long they choose to support their consoles.

Ju1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

The "chipping away" pretty much came to a halt. Now both sell neck on neck.

ABizzel11583d ago


One of the few Nintendo fans I like on here.

I say this because of several reasons. On a weekly basis, the Wii U is barely outselling the XBO in WW sales, and this is probably the only situation where the XBO being in less countries can truly effect it winning or losing in sales. The XBO has a 1.5x - 2x sales ration over the Wii U on average in the US, and both the PS4 and XBO has already passed the Wii U's lifetime sales in the US.

THe Wii U manages to edge out the XBO in EU weekly, and total sales are 1.69m vs 1.24m, and ironically their weekly sales are about 1/100 of their total sales each week. However, this is one of the few cases where being in more countries will help the XBO. point in even going there Wii U has it.

But looking at the total sales for 2014 this year the XBO is currently in 3rd place (as far as home consoles go), and the order is actually quite SHOCKING.

Home Console

1. PS4
2. PS3 (completely surprised by this, but go PS3)
3. XBO
4. Wii U
5. 360
6. Wii

Much of the negative stigma regarding the XBO is starting to fade amongst gamers (I myself have forgiven much of it, because I think they've learned their lesson, but I won't forget it), and people are giving it a second chance (mainly because MS is offering all these great promotions, which is how I got mine).

Nintendo has Hyrule Warriors which should be big in Japan and should do just okay in NA / EU, Bayonetta I think is going to only do a few hundred thousand buy I'll be one of them regardless, and Smash which will be huge for them.

But at the same tim MS has Forza Horizon which should see similar success as Hyrule Warriors, Sunset Overdrive which should do better than Bayonetta since it's bundled, and Halo + COD which is every bit as big as Smash for the XBO fanbase. Then they have their final killer multiplats.

The first half of 2015 Nintendo has the exclusive battle hands down, but MS is going to be carried by huge multiplats and their exclusives throughout the year with games likes Batman Arkham Knight, Dying Light, Rainbow Six Siege, The Witcher 3, Resident Evil, The Division, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Quantum Break, Tomb Raider, Halo 5, and more.

It may not be the PS4 level of primary console, but the XBO is more than capable of being a primary console.

Concertoine1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Like i said, i wouldn't put money on either this early in the game, but you bring up some solid points. Another huge thing MS has over Nintendo is their marketing. Im surprised by that PS3 tidbit as well.

And actually Hyrule Warriors did come out and did much worse than anyone expected. In Japan at least. I think 70k first week with hardware boost to 19k. While the Wii U is the most dedicated to Japanese software, it seems that market's potential is already near maximized.

Im not knocking the Xbone, i will probably get one by the end of this gen, but i have to wonder how many people will actually choose it over the PS4 as primary console, and later on how many will choose it over the Wii U as secondary.

ABizzel11583d ago

I think the secondary console is really where things will be decided.

Going into this generation before hearing anything about the consoles, based off my experience last gen, I thought it would be PS4, XBO, and Wii U.

After the reveals of the consoles it was PS4 and upgrade my PC, and not worry about the others until they dropped down to $200.

I think that was the thought process for a lot of people.

Second place goes to the console that shows the best games, the best value, and the most reasonable price. Nintendo should be that choice if it came down to games, because the XBO and PS4 will have the 90% of the same library, but people don't think about it like that, and when it comes to value you get more with an XBO, with G4G, a strong online network, and great 3rd party support on top of exclusives. That leaves price to final factor, which is also influenced by value so while a $300 Wii U is cheaper, a $400 XBO is more powerful, will have the more well rounded game support, Blu Ray, strong app support, etc...

I think the majority will go with XBO, but I don't think it's going to be hugely in their favor. Maybe 70% to 30% in favor of the XBO tops.

AWBrawler1583d ago

Splatoon might be that next big game.

Movieworld1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

the Wii U is beating the XBox 1 FACT! End of chat

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SilentNegotiator1583d ago

Wii U has its two BIGGEST console sellers releasing/released this year, SSB and MK8 and has only sold a couple more thousand every week. At least give Xbone a chance to release a Halo or a GeOW or something before making that leap.

GenericNameHere1583d ago

•Xbone sells way more in the US than Wii U does
•Xbone sells way more in Europe than Wii U does
•Wii U sells way more in Japan than Xbone and PS4 does

Pretty sure Xbone will catch up to the Wii U. Japanese console sales don't mean much anymore, not when they are doing so horrible.

madjedi1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

That is so precious you think the japanese console market is still relevant to either sony or ms, if under 10k a week is a victory to you by all means continue.

Other developing markets or lower disposable income markets are likely more profitable than the dying japanese home console market.

ShadowWolf7121582d ago

"That is so precious you think the japanese console market is still relevant to either sony or ms"

Based on the big guns Sony's been pulling out at TGS, I'd say so. Unless you think those JRPGs were all for our benefit over here, of course...

ShadowWolf7121581d ago

The fact that you felt the need to PM at me is telling.

Japan, whether you want to believe it or not, is still relevant. MS had HUGE hopes for the launch there. Sony kicked up the competitive drive. Why would you attempt to deflect to "Software"? What exactly do you think this software is being made to be used on?

Both companies want to move consoles. Both companies are attempting to do so. I'd say that means they consider it relevant.

madjedi1581d ago

I pmed you because likely it wouldn't flag as a new reply to you nothing more. Again implying things that aren't there.

Yes truly telling, i don't believe japan is as import as a market as the rest of the global console market because of it's declining hardware sales.

No what would have been telling is if i had not bothered responding to you at all. So what false implication or intent are you going accuse me of this time.

Many people that enjoy japanese games are wanting a return to the ps2 era when japanese games flourished, they are hoping the ps4 can do that. It would be great, but i don't think it will happen.

You really like to make generalizations and assumptions about people you know essentially nothing about.

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gedden71583d ago

I hate to say this but, Xbone won't catch Wii U until 2016 or later... What big game is coming out for Xbone? Destiny great, but lets see those sales come november.

Nintendo always kills it during the holiday in terms of sales... Probably Nintendo's BIGGEST game coming out in the form of smash bros.. Dont forget Hyrule Warriors and other Nintendo only games. There's some light though, Sunset Overdrives and Halo games like that might help but I don't know how much... If the Xbone wasn't so much like the PS4 and didn't dig their own hole, they would have been fine. But stupid mistakes and arrogance will end you or make things really hard to sell a $400 piece of equipment

badz1491583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

"Nintendo always kills it during the holiday in terms of sales..."

not last year!


seriously? last holiday was all about the PS4 and Xbone.

gedden71583d ago

How didn't they? I thought all consoles did well...

jholden32491583d ago

Wii U sold 2 million over the holiday season last year. I'd say that's pretty respectable considering where they were at earlier in the year.

jrshankill1583d ago

"What big game is coming out for Xbone?"

Halo 5 and Master Chief Collection. These games will shift consoles.

Also I fully expect a new Minecraft exclusive for Xbox One in 2015. They didn't buy Mojang for nothing.

DanteVFenris6661582d ago

Yea there going to at least need to buy out another timed game so it looks like they can even compete with all of sonys games.

And minecraft won't be exclusive even if it is ps4 users already have the game. There's not much you can add on to the game. Minecraft gets stale really fast.

And I doubt halo will shift consoles. People are looking for new and unique this gen. Everyone's sick of generic fps finally. Which is good news to gamers. Plus all halo fans have probably already bought a xone

joselito66991583d ago

Very impressive for the Xbox one, I wonder how far behind they are in the united states and the united kingdom, because like the Xbox win in those two big markets, you sell more software which means you win the war..will see what happens when this holiday season when halo, sunset and forza comes out...

S2Killinit1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Whats more amazing is your ability to brainwash yourself. What type of soap do you use, you wash so good.
Lol i kid

Kayant1583d ago

"I wonder how far behind they are in the united states and the united kingdom, because like the Xbox 360" -

US - 700K+
UK - 400K+

UK software revenue August 2014

Which means they are losing the war in UK and likely the US also but cannot find Software spilt for US to show that.

And they lost last gen by winning in those two big markets. PS3 launched 1 year after yet has caught up to X360 WW numbers.

Haru1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Playstation it's really popular in europe I'm european and whenever I go to a game store I can bearley find any xbox games deep in the back but instead you see hungreds of playstation games everywhere xbox is dead in europe it always was just like in asia and now in USA too

jrshankill1583d ago


Bulls**t sir. I'm from Europe, there are more Xbox 360 games still on sale than any other platform in our stores.

PS4 and Xbox One have their own corners. Wii U in generally sold along Wii and 3DS games.

But, again, every store layout is different. But the majority in my city have more 360 titles on shelves than anything else.

Alsybub1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )


I'm not sure I agree with that, certainly not here in the UK. XB1 and PS4 seem to have equal presence when I go into game stores. In fact the retailer 'GAME' gives one side to Xbox and the other to Playstation with Nintendo occupying the racks around the middle. It's generally more about how much a manufacturer pays the retailer for floor space.

I can't speak for the continent but it is generally accepted that PlayStation is more popular.

Ra30301583d ago

Why do Xbox fanboys continue to bring up Forza as a huge selling game? I don't get it. Forza 5 sold less than 1.5 million copies and many of those were giveaways to sell the X1 console. Now 1.5 is good but it's not worth talking about as far as game sales go. Forza Horizon sold 1.75 million copies and agin good for them but that's not saying much. Forza Horizon 2 won't sell much better than the first. So why do the xbox fanboys bring this up as though those sales numbers are worth talking about........there not! Not all gamers are race game fans unless it's all you have as far as games go on that console and I know the X1 and 360 have more to offer. Forza may be a great game cardboard cut outs and all but it's sells have been lacking on the last 2 releases and FH2 will not improve on that.